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Domestic Discipline & Spanking Community Social Network!!!

FREE ~ Domestic Discipline Lifestyle & Spanking Community Social Network! 
For those living, or interested in respectful DD Relationships & Spanko Community. The ONLY Social site designed specifically for HoHs, TiHs, Spankers & spankees.

A Domestic Discipline Society ~ The Original Worldwide DD Lifestyle Community
(First Group Founded in 2005)

brings you, The Original Worldwide DD & Spanking Community Social Network 

The NEW social network site is an original community where all the varying styles of  the DD lifestyles and Spanking interests and lifestyles are brought together in one place.  A melting pot of open minded people, where no one is judged for their differences. All respectful DD and Spanking style based opinions & ideas are welcome and encouraged. We are all here together to share our knowledge and help each other understand and grow in these unique lifestyles.

This is also a fun place where we can gather together as one community. Safely make new friends, open new horizons and never feel isolated or alone again. You're among like minded individuals and friendly welcoming people.

Your Worldwide Social Network for ALL married, dating, & single HoHs, TiHs, Spankers & spankees

Build your personal or couples Profile Page & include your favorite music, original pics and videos there too. Then post what's on your mind to the interactive Timeline on the Home page !
Enjoy the Forums, the DD and Spanking Groups and create a Group of your own! Contribute to our Magazine. Is there an Event coming up you would be interested in? Post your Event there and browse for upcoming Events. And if you have original content, post your Video and Pics.

It is not a singles only site at all, but if you are single and know how hard it is to meet like minded people with whom you can begin a RESPECTFUL  friendship, there is that component there too! While you're making friends and sharing ideas and thoughts with people from all over the world, you can also find local Events, coffee gatherings maybe a Munch that looks interesting. There are already Forums set up for singles seeking friendships. There will also be Groups to browse that are in your vicinity. And maybe if you're polite you can email someone, get to nicely and patiently share some thoughts and maybe.... you can ask for Permission to Instant Message, and then maybe even Audio/Video Chat. Yep, that's there soon too!

This new social site is the worldwide crossroad where all the varying styles of  the DD Lifestyle and Spanking interests are brought together as one community.  A meeting place and melting pot of open minded people, where no one is judged for differences. On the contrary, this is a place where we celebrate our commonalities. All respectfully based opinions & ideas are welcome and encouraged. We are all here to make new friends, connect with old friends, share our knowledge and help each other understand and grow in our unique lifestyle and relationship choices. Be a part of, and connected to... A Whole New World!

Join Today for FREE!

There is a limited access FREE Membership available.

OR, you can Join as a FULL 100% access Member with a 14 Day FREE Trial! 

Create and customize a profile....
Join groups and plan events with other members
Keep updated with your group or event's activity
Message, broadcast and IM with other members
Share photos and music with other members
Get talking in the forums

We would like to be very honest... trolls and people looking for a one night play session/hook-ups or sex.... you need not join!
We are all about real relationships and friendships.

Also, we love our BDSM and Master/slave friends, but there are already many other great sites available for all of you. This social site is distinctively for HoHs, TiHs, Spankers and spankees :)

Our DD & Spanko Lifestylers time has come! 


LINK: A Domestic Discipline and Spanking Community Social Network


  1. Anonymous9/13/2015

    Very excited to see how this works!

  2. I thought the name apt since I'm a curious cat looking around looking for answers. I REALLY want a DD relationship or at least deeply explore it! But I know my overly loving (& beloved) husband wouldn't ever Discipline me much less go into Spankings!! What to do?

  3. I want to have my and my future husband to get into a DD life style.

  4. It's currently down because the host network is going through a maintenance issue. Hope it's up again soon.


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