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Notes from MrBB:

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  1. Wonderful Idea !

    Thanks Mr. BB

    1. Very welcome! I am really enjoying getting to know everyone so much better :)

    2. Great idea, Mr. BB. THANK YOU for making this blog site so amazing and free to all. You are such a champion for those of us in the DD blogosphere XO


  2. Was a fun night Sunday. Thanks. Nice to meet new people in the chat :)

    1. Enjoyed chatting w/ you Lou! Cat

  3. Anonymous3/14/2013

    Cat and Lou ........... xoxoxooxxox thank you...... A.

  4. Anonymous4/05/2013

    Hello. My wife of 16 years has come to me with incorporating DD into our relationship. She says that it is something she has for her whole life fantasized. I'm not sure how to react to this. I for the most part am not a dominate person and not sure how to do this. Never been good at any kind of role play. I want to accommodate her because I love her. Kind of wished this was brought up 16 years ago so that would be our life style today. Instead of trying to change years of one way of doing things. Any thoughts or pointers would helpful.

    1. Sounds like you're on the right path :)
      And you've found The DD Chat Room! There are so many helpful, caring and friendly people there already, And it's growing everyday :) Plus, you're always welcome to email me, I'm happy to help.
      See you in the chat room!

  5. Anonymous6/15/2013

    I am having trouble entering--it says I have the password wrong. Has it been changed?

    1. The password is subject to change at any time, and was changed again recently. The newest password can be found just under the entry banner :)

    2. I really enjoyed the chat room last night and would love to get to know others on here more and be a more active member. What do you suggest Mr.BB?

    3. I think you're doing it goldielocks! You fit right in with everyone. Hope to see you in The DD Chat Room again soon!

    4. my first time here.

      There is something about spanking my dates that I enjoy. Some girls feel the same.

      How to approach to see if they are interested/

  6. Anonymous10/19/2013

    I am new here but we practice DD

    1. Welcome, I hope you enjoy The DD Chat Room and the ADDS site :)

  7. Anonymous2/16/2014

    I want a man to be my HOH and spank me regularly.
    I need it.
    Pray that I meet a good man to be strict with me.

  8. Anonymous6/01/2014

    I want to know all about the dd lifestyle?

  9. Anonymous8/11/2014

    Please pray that my boyfriend will start spanking me more regularly and enforcing his hoh position. I need his consistency.

  10. Anonymous8/12/2014

    I am in a DD life style or should I say, we are trying to be. My HoH is as new at this as I am except I started reading up on this sooner than he did. There is so much I want to say & ask & learn but the BIGGEST for me is, I can't let things go (little or big) again we are new new but we have been stuck in a very bad place for about 6 days now which is just 2 days after my very 1st introductory spanking, the next day I drank alcohol without his permission or him being with me & received a "discipline" spanking from that but then I was able to talk my HoH into buying more alcohol after the punishment & with that bottle I got black out drunk (a place to be to much in my previous life & told my HoH I never wanted to be there again). Now I am riddled with this Guilt for drinking along with the confusion of the his handling of it all, Please remember that he my "HoH' is as new at this as I am (and that is Virgin New). Little things have happen since Thurs.(the drunk day) but because I am in the place I am (angry,frustrated,confused & wanting to give up) I can not shake it. We have a safe word & yesterday my HoH came home early from work to deal with me & he defiantly did, Several Hard swats with a paddle & then a hard hand spanking but during the entire thing my HoH kept saying things like "did I hear you say the word?, Are you ready to say it yet?..." things like that make me think he has had enough & thinks I should say stop which of course I do (I say the safe word which I heard is not really a need in this kind of relationship). All this has accomplished so far for me is getting more angry. These few spankings have not even brought me to tears yet & I don't completely submit and I truly am starting to think I am just to stubborn. He has said.. "it just is not enough ever for you is it?' Remember we are new as a couple & even more new with LDD but when he says things such as "no safe word yet? or I cant do it right for you or it is just never enough" well that makes me feel sick about myself in the fact that maybe I am just to Masochistic to be in something like this. I Love My HoH so very much & want this life for us. PLEASE PLEASE HELP

  11. First let me share a personal opinion if I may.... DD will not replace professional counseling and peer group meetings for anything addictive like possible alcoholism for example.

    Secondly, while you are both new, you are in the right place to find others to slowly begin to share. The DD Chat Room is a caring place where people share thoughts and ideas together.
    (and the Discipline & Love blog has a great Sunday night chat also)

  12. Anonymous8/19/2014

    I have major controlling issues. I always want to be in control. Than, I fell in live with Brad. We been together 2 years. We been involved with DD for about a year now. The thing is that I have a very high pain tolerance. I have struggle with control especially with my Brad. There are times when I've earned punishment spanking. I trust him explicitly with all my heart. I've never cried during or after a spanking but I've been topping from the bottom. Even for punishment spanking, I have and use a safe word all the time, I always want to know how many I'm going to get and I tend to stand up on the inside and mentally count the swats until he reaches the specified number. For punishment spanking it sometimes goes as high as 60 the last 20 are a flury (rapid fire) but that what I told him I couldn't to take anymore than that in a flury, which isn't true. But I do hate flurry swats. He always respects my boundaries but than, I still feel bad. I know I can a lot more and than some but I don't want to give up my control. Secretly, I want to give it all up, I just want just once go past my pain threshold and spank me until I'm bawling, secretly I don't want to know how many, I want it to keep going until I am a sobbing mess of emotional release. But I'm to much of a control freak. Sometimes I don't even like myself inside. If I give it all up, I won't know how many I getting, I won't have a safe word to stop it when I want, but its also what I want. I want to be in control and I don't, aren't I a mess. I know it will hurt like all get it but I wouldn't be standing up inside towards him anymore either. I feel really bad inside. Am I making sense? What should I do?

    1. straight9/16/2014

      Looks like he needs to read this and take you where YOU NEED to go since your scteaming for iy on the inside. Thats the whole idea here with dd...lovingly getting what you need...and in your case its the kind of brokeness and submission that your talkinh about.

  13. Anonymous10/30/2014

    We are new to DD. Any suggestions are welcome

    1. Use a nickname instead of "Anonymous", read this site, and come into The DD Community Chat Room :)

  14. Anonymous7/21/2015

    So glad to find this!

    1. And we are all thrilled you found us Lani :)

  15. Anonymous8/21/2015

    Just curious who started this. How long has this group been going on? Ive never heard of it,

  16. Anonymous1/26/2016

    Neat to see I'm not the only person interested in this life..


  17. Anonymous1/27/2016

    So glad I found this. Has helped tremendously.

  18. Anonymous2/08/2016

    Does anyone know of any dating websites for this type of relationship? I hope it's ok to ask that here?

  19. Anonymous2/10/2016

    Would this be an appropriate forum for a submisive in a new D/s relationshp, and who wants it to go from "living the lifestyle whenever i can" to "24/7, and with DD as a foundation for it -- used as correction and true discipline, and not only for sexual excitement for a masochistic?


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