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DD Boot Camp: Revealed

Domestic Discipline Boot Camp Instructions FREE & Questions Answered.
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Through the years, many of the people who know what A Domestic Discipline Society is all about, know we really like to investigate and discuss all aspects concerning the DD community then present the information in an free, open, nonjudgmental ADDS format. I continue to receive emails from the community about the concept of DD Boot Camp and where it originated. Who came up with the original concept and where and when did it start to become more popularized in the DD community? Should it be used? If used, should it be something applied in the beginning of a DD relationship? Is it better suited for couples who have a more knowledgeable understanding, like after the initial year they have both been working together on their DD lifestyle relationship?
UPDATED: Read All Updates & Comments below the article & do some research.


Bonnie Appreciation Day / My Bottom Smarts

Tuesday 10-23-12 declared "Bonnie Appreciation Day" for Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts!  If you have been away from blogland it's ok to still show your appreciation with a Thank You Bonnie post on your blog. Is it really ever too late to show your appreciation?! Continue for information about how this idea got rolling, URL to the pic made for the occasion and links!


Head of Household (HoH) Appreciation

I was reading through some Domestic Discipline blogs I share links with, when I happened upon this one from a fellow DD blogger. I was delighted to see that a newer TiH style submissive was not only going out of their way to appreciate their HoH, but also making a concerted effort to understand everything their HoH does for them.


Characteristics of a Head of Household (HoH)

Secrets of an Experienced HoH 

      A Head of Household exercises leadership and guidance in many subtle ways with positive influence and thoughtfulness rather than threats or overt and unfair physical punishments. HoHs genuinely care about the people in their life. They can be authoritative leaders, yet have the utmost respect and care for others...


HoH Leadership: No Consequences for the HOH Question is Answered

A common question that  some people have about Domestic Discipline is, why doesn't the HOH suffer any kind of consequences for their own mistakes?  It might seem unfair to newer submissives learning how to  become Taken in Hand. This seems like an odd dichotomy though since usually a TiH style submissive is instinctively attracted to the Domestic Discipline lifestyle and feel deeply that their role in this lifestyle is what they have always needed.

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