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50 Shades of Grey E! Entertainment & Our America with Lisa Ling TV Show Alerts

*UPDATE with VIDEO LINK*  & MEDIA ALERT with Times & Listings here* 
Our America w/ Lisa Ling "50 Shades of Kink" on OWN & 
E! Entertainment Television is airing an E! Special "The Real 50 Shades of Grey" It's described as The complicated relationships between real-world Dominants and Submissives.


What is Christian Domestic Discipline? A CDD Description

Christian Domestic Discipline CDD.  This article comes from the Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) area of the DD lifestyle community. A Domestic Discipline Society has researched and presented some well known Domestic Discipline community articles. We feel it's important to share a 360 degree view of the Domestic Discipline lifestyle choice.


Beginning Domestic Discipline Plan & Process / Your DD Plan

Domestic Discipline as a lifestyle relationship foundation takes time, patience, planning and a process forward in a positive direction. Basically, it takes work. Working on your relationship, no matter what style of life you decide to live, is important for a happy and successful relationship or marriage. It's no different for those who decide to live a consensual Domestic Discipline style of life. You need a Plan.


Spanking, Disciplinary Spanking, Punishment Spanking, Experiment Spanking & Safe-Words

In the beginning of your Domestic Discipline dynamic, the word spanking and how to implement a  consensual spanking are hot topics. As with most aspects of Domestic Discipline, communication is more important then anything else. With that in mind...


Spanking & Domestic Discipline Desires - ReOpening the Door

November 9th 2012, a freelance writer named Jillian Keenan had an essay style article published in the Fashion & Style section of  The New York Times online site. November 11th the article was published in the NYT Sunday newspaper. There was a lot of online discussion that followed about how people have come out or would like reveal a spanking need or fetish or their desires to bring spanking into a relationship with a Domestic Discipline lifestyle dynamic. ADDS published the Keenan article with a link to the NYT here on ADDS. Then there was a follow up to the article. Then I wrote a 360 degree look at the subject titled Coming Out about Spanking and Revealing Domestic Discipline Desires.


Domestic Discipline: New DD Blogs & All Sharing DD Blogs

Here are the NEWest Sharing Domestic Discipline Blog award winners! There are both new and established DD Bloggers listed here who are part of the growing community of Sharing DD Bloggers.
Continue to see NEW & ALL Sharing DD Bloggers with short descriptions and links...


Domestic Discipline Terminology, Descriptions, Acronyms & Glossary

It's time to update The Domestic Discipline Glossary and it is now an ongoing community project. This DD community resource is the most popular Tab Page on the top of this ADDS site. There are a few additions in mind that you'll see here soon, and I also want to open it up to the Domestic Discipline community as an interactive and ongoing project...


A Domestic Discipline Society Community MileStones

Milestones. Is there such a thing as Milepebbles?
With the year winding down I began to think back over the past year. Especially, the past few months. I wanted to say thank you for the warm welcome from the blogging part of the community. And thanks to so many people coming over and reading this blog who have come from the ADDS discussion communities that have been around for so many years. With that in mind...

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