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Keeping the Intros in one place will make it easier to to access the Educational, Information , Knowledge Sharing and Question & Answer posts & pages as we continue to grow. It also helps newer members of the group get to know us a little better. And readers who are newer to the ideas of  a DD lifestyle, get a more open perspective of the various ways people live their DD lives and lifestyles.
Say hello & let us know how you live, or have lived, the DD lifestyle. If you are newer... share what aspects have drawn you to DD as a lifestyle choice.

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I'll start it off! Here is my Intro:

 I am an experienced HoH, Mentor, Teacher & Dominant man who has respectfully lived the DD style of life for 30+ years. I have learned in that time the beautiful balance between a HoH and TiH can lead to a peaceful place, a tranquil refuge from the often stressful lives we lead,  and most importantly a home where a man and woman can express their love for one another. 
 It takes time and a strong person to understand their Dominant nature. A Dominant is not a dictator. A Head of Household  is more of a guide to take in hand their wonderful submissive partner and guide them both continually along a path of happiness.

I believe it takes a Dominant HoH time to gain the knowledge, empathy & compassion needed to understand the role of self sacrifice, nurturing, patience, firmness and discipline. And how to properly & appropriately correct behavior that the TiH has brought forward as a goal or in areas they would like to improve within themselves. This is done for the TiHs own personal growth and the strengthening of bonds in their sensually unique and positive relationship.
The balance and timing is understood when the HoHs responsibility dictates when a strict hand is necessary and forthcoming, or when holding their loved one in their arms for support & encouragement is a more appropriate and long lasting way to obtain goals and strengthen the intimacy and commitment of their relationship. In any case, whatever decision the HoH makes they follow through with the TiHs best interest at heart with consistency, fairness, aftercare and follow-up. 

 As in many many important aspects of our lives, time and patience bring the highest rewards.
Just because someone is a HoH and someone is TiH, does not automatically make them a relationship match. It does take time to find a person whose ideas coincide naturally with your own to create a peaceful loving relationship built on the general foundation of friendship, love, honesty and mutual respect. And of course, The DD Foundation of Consent, Communication & Consistency. The 3Cs of DD.  

That's  some of my feelings on the day to day lifestyle part of who I am as a person & real HoH/Dominant. There is also more about my thoughts on the the subtle power exchange, sensual, sexual and emotional aspects involved between a HoH & TiH living within a DD relationship. That information is for another post, another day, another time... :D 

> Anyway, I hope that gives you a little more insight into my personal thoughts of the wonderful lifestyle dynamic of a Domestic Discipline relationship.



  1. I'm Scarlet...I heard of this amazing blog via fetlife. (scarletpet) I've been in a TiH/DD relationship for a few years now. I feel I have a lot more growing and learning to do. I look forward to learning more here as well.

    Thank you MrBB

  2. Anonymous10/23/2012

    I just came across your blog and I have to say...Well done! I write Domestic Discipline novels and will now be visiting your blog often.

    ~Alta Hensley

  3. I'm Jill..........Jack's Jill.
    I would never have signed myself Jack's Jill a while back,thinking I'd lose all respect for myself............ but
    this site has been such an inspiration to us.
    It's wonderful to meet so many people who embrace this lifestyle.
    We're new to DD - just starting out, but already we see so many
    improvements in our relationship.
    I was so tired of myself fighting my HoH on every issue here at home and never really understood why, because in the end, he made all the major decisions and I loved him for that - but never admitted it - until now! He's happy and I'm happy!
    Thanks for all the support here.
    Thanks MrBB!!
    Love from
    Jack's Jill

  4. AnnieH1/29/2013

    HI, and I am almost shaking with contentment sitting here realizing that I am so not alone. So many years, and So much love in my marriage, yet, Missing so much. I have been reading and taking in everything for the last four days, knowing now, I'm NOT alone. I'm not strange, or weird. My husband is the most caring man ever, This is the beginning of my-hopefully our-new journey. I'm speechless completely. Thank you for having the courage to share this very important message! I will be following. Learning, and growing.

  5. Anonymous4/19/2013

    Hi I am Alexis I live in Australia and I am amazed that there are so many naughty girls like me out there!
    I have a mentor who is helping me deal with a severe lack of discipline and procrastination in my studies. He is a kind caring man but who is very firm and strict at the same time. He disciplines me because he cares about me.
    I really love this site I am looking forward to discovering more and more about DD as I go on
    Love Alexis

  6. Anonymous7/19/2013

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Anonymous7/31/2013

    I guess it is about time I do this. I am Larissa, I am submissive to my lover and husband of 15 years Jim or Southernman as he goes by here. I have been in a Ds relationship with him since we first met 17 years ago and was in a brief BDSM relationship with a man just prior to our meeting. We have Twins that are now 12 years old which put a damper on some of our Ds fun times but I still serve him as his submissive and have moved more toward a DD family.

  8. My name is Maggie Carpenter, I write novels about DD and D/s. I am a D/s addict, a submissive who is opinionated, headstrong, strong willed, sweet, yielding, basically a walking dichotomy leading a double life. How many of us are there, I wonder? Women who appear to be one thing to the world, and in their hearts they are something entirely different.

  9. Anonymous7/07/2014

    Hi, I am so very interested in this lifestyle but i am married to someone who does not get my feelings of being needed to be taken in hand. I have expressed that desire and been laughed at like i was crazy. i am just trying to figure out how you make the transition and since it will probably end in divorce, how you meet others who are more like minded.

  10. Anonymous10/15/2014

    My first and only time that I was spanked was over 4yers ago. And yet, to this day I can't shake it out off my head. The pain and the pleasure that he gave me, still burns inside me. The reason for my first and only time was, he had to move to another state. I was unable to find anyone from other sites that claim to be spanking groups. So I gave up and buried my feelings about find someone who will care to spank me. I found this site and know everything that I buried and tried to forget came out. Am looking for a mature understanding HoH person to take me and teach me and show more of what I have missed all these years..

  11. Hello everyone!

    My name is Princess and I am in A DD marriage with my husband SirDD. I have been into DD over 20 years and for me there is no other way! We run a DD Networking website also http://www.myddlife.com

    Princess x

  12. I am a mature male with a submissive nature, that without a partner mostly keep this aspect hidden in daily life.
    I do envy those who are living the lifestyle.

  13. Hi, I'm a very submissive woman building a relationship with an amazing man who is committed to the DD, HoH lifestyle. I've been submissive all of my adult life and lookingn forward to a solid relationship built on these principles.

  14. Hello. By way of introduction, my name is Rayanne. I am a 24 year old, married "lipstick." My wife and I practice DD and CP. We have been domestic partners for four years and married for two. We met and almost immediately began dating. Shortly after that, I learned that my new girlfriend was a fun loving, but no nonsense woman with a "take control" personality. Come to find out, but not going into detail, she was exactly the woman I needed. I had found my soul mate, or rather, she found me.

    I strive for obedience, enjoy catering to her, anticipating her wishes (yes, I know, that's cliche) and want to provide the type of lifestyle she deserves. I would be interested in learning how other women cater to their spouse and suggestions from Heads of Household of their wishes, desires and expectations.

    Hopefully, this is a site that welcomes (or, at least, tolerates) same sex marriages. If not, I will leave.

  15. Hello!

    I'm not sure exactly how to classify myself but I definitely have a strong desire to be a TiH female. At times I thought (or perhaps hoped) I was a submissive, no doubt I'm a spanko and definitely not a dominant in my personal life. Beyond those descriptions everything about me seems fuzzy, or perhaps fluid.

    I discovered this site by clicking a link at the end of the story, "The Luck Of The Drawers" in the ebook "Confessions of a Spanking Author" by Devlin O'Neil. Very well written story and overall good collection of tales in the book!

    There is a man in my life who will be an amazing HoH. Of course like everything in life worth doing a successful DD relationship takes effort. I know we both want a DD lifestyle and are very willing to give it the time and effort needed to be successful. Where we struggle is guidance and communication. My hope is we can draw on the wealth of experience those on this site possess.



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