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This A Domestic Discipline Society site is slightly different from the discussion groups that ADDS is well known for worldwide across several alternative lifestyle sites. This part of the ADDS community is focused on the  Dominant Head of Household (HoH) and submissive Taken in Hand (TiH) partners in, or looking for, Domestic Discipline lifestyle relationship information and ADDS relationship tools. There will be some discussion ideas taken from different ADDS groups already in existence. The focus, as always, is one of  Domestic Discipline lifestyle education. ADDS is a non-judgmental, respectful, friendly and helpful community of people from all over the world that gather to ask for or share DD knowledge, education, advice, assistance and helpful opinions.

* I reserved this Blog spot in 2008, knowing that eventually the day would come when the next logical step in A Domestic Discipline Society would be to have a comfortable place focused on HoHs and TiHs, and perspective HoHs and TiHs. Pull up a chair and share the information and tools with each other, and share your thoughts and ideas with other members and readers.

I had noticed over the years that on all the DD groups, blogs and sites, the first post or opening page was usually something explaining what DD was to the individual moderator, admin or webmaster. It was this one persons opinion how you should live the DD lifestyle, because that's how they lived it. These narrow views would include some stringent rules and contain phrases like "DD is NOT ________" or explaining their personal views along with very judgmental ideas toward anyone who lived this lifestyle choice differently then themselves.
Just because I personally choose my DD foundation to be a non-overt private style of DD lived as the male HoH, with a female TiH, that doesn't mean that everyone has to live their lives the exact same way. And, I have learned a lot over the years from people who don't choose to live DD the exact same way as I do.
I have been Educating and Mentoring people for many years and in the time just before ADDS was founded and became established,  I had been referring students and mentees to various groups, web pages, blogs etc... 
The most common question I would then be asked after they had done some research was "well which one is it?", or "who is right?"  There were so many conflicting opinions out there, and each one claimed that their way was the right or only way. The answer was simple. All of them were right in their own way.

I originally wrote a first draft of the italicized portion of what you have just read in 2005. I redrafted it slightly only a couple times through the years. There were some changes made within the DD community in those years. There used to be many more yahoo style groups back then and not many blogs. I am also happy that one of the main edicts pushed back then by the ADDS community has caught on over the years. 
 "An important part of any DD relationship is to patiently find that wonderful "match."  Find that person whose ideas and feelings coincide naturally with your own both in ones public life, and in their more intimate private moments alone also." 
Basically, it is up to individual couples how they decide to build upon the Power Exchange that becomes their own DD foundation. There are a lot less of the "do it my way or it's wrong" style of groups and blogs. There has been a boom over the last few years in couples and individuals posting blogs where they don't try and tell anyone how to live the DD lifestyle, they're just giving people a peek into their variation of the DD lifestyle. It's really nice to see :) 
The ideas, concepts and theories behind A Domestic Discipline Society are that we have all made a choice to include and mesh this unique DD relationship lifestyle into our lives with our loved ones. It is also the choice of each individual person to seek what they know they need free of the judgments of others as they seek more information and try to gain further knowledge along the path they have chosen.
I like to think of the ADDS groups and this ADDS site, as a compilation of ideas where all the different & varying styles of  Domestic Discipline are brought together as if in a melting pot. A brain-trust where people aren't judged for their differences, but rather where HoHs & TiHs are welcome to share their knowledge.

This blog is going to be different from the ADDS discussion groups in at least one way. I will be spilling out a lot of information and giving my thoughts and views more. My aim is not to "tell" anyone what is right, but instead give the readers information, ideas, tools and helpful advice based on years of experience. My hope is that readers bring what is presented here into their own discussions as they grow and continue growing in their unique and individual DD relationship. I also encourage readers to comment with advice and share their knowledge with each other.  

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  1. This blog is going to be different from the ADDS discussion groups in at least one way. I will be sharing a lot more DD information and giving my thoughts and views more also. My aim is not to "tell" anyone what is right, but instead give the readers information, ideas, tools and helpful advice based on years of experience. My hope is that readers bring what is presented here into their own discussions as they grow and continue growing in their unique and individual DD relationship. I also encourage readers to comment with advice and share their knowledge with each other.

  2. Update: I have removed the word verification feature. I have received a couple emails (@ adomesticdisciplinesociety@gmail.com) telling me that people are having a hard time with that feature.

  3. UPDATE: I've decide that even though the tabs titled Confessing, Forgiveness, Aftercare are three of the keys to a successful DD relationship and they are very highly visited pages on this site... page views are not what is important. Easy access in and organized information is what's most important. So, in a short time, these three tabs will be reformatted and posted as an article in the blog. (possibly with a common "Label" so they can be viewed together as a "Key to DD" ... hint hint)
    It might be a while before I reformat them into the blog info, but if you are going to leave a comment there on a tab, it might be lost during that move and I just wanted to let everyone know ahead of time.:)

  4. UPDATE There is a new LABEL titled Where to Start or Revitalize your DD Lifestyle Dynamic. You will find a series of articles that walks you through a free HOW TO Guide for Domestic Discipline. Remember to begin with the WHERE to Start article first.

  5. UPDATE A new Label titled Keys of Domestic Discipline has been added. Within this label are articles regarding key elements of a successful Domestic Discipline lifestyle relationship. UPDATEs will be posted here as even more KEYS are posted and included under this Label.

  6. Ask & you shall receive! Because a few people asked through email, Today I reformatted this blog so you can now follow a specific post's Comments. At the bottom of each post, after the comments, there is a "subscribe by email" link on the bottom right. You can subscribe to comments from one or more specific posts. And if you change your mind you can just as easily unsubscribe to future comments from that post.

  7. I am going to look into including "Back-links" to posts.
    Back links show up at the bottom of a post when someone links to a specific ADDS post. So, if someone wants to share something about a post, and writes a post on their blog about it, you can click their link and read their blog and information too! The more info the better!
    I'm going to need and test this to eliminate and report spammers etc...

  8. UPDATE:12/2/12 The blog lists are being Improved and more resources are being added today. Because of the quality of resources and sites, the Blog Lists are getting very long and there are many more great sites to share. ADDS readers have been recommending more and more as our readership BOOMS! In order to accommodate many more new sites for ADDS readers I am creating two DD Friendly Blog lists today that will mesh together. The first are a list of ALL referred DD Friendly Site links. ALL referred sites who also share links will be shown on the first part with full information including Pics, Snippets, Title of newest post, Icons etc... The second part of the of the DD Friendly List starts right below the first. The only difference is that the second part will include the Blog Name, Snippet and time of most recent post and only the 25 most recent are shown. Not to worry, ALL the great blogs and sites are staying because they are also excellent informational and entertainment resources.(35 more have been added today!) To see the ENTIRE second part of the DD Friendly List, simply click "SHOW ALL" at the bottom of the list. I'm starting with improving the DD Friendly Sites list first.
    This is only the next phase of many more exciting changes coming to this ADDS site! Join this blog & Subscribe to this and other posts to stay informed.
    Do you read a blog you would like to Recommend? Email me through the Contact MrBB tab near the top of every page. I'll add them & try my best to contact them to see if they would like to share links also.
    Do you write a blog and you would like to share links? Include the ADDS site to your list of links and then email me through the Contact MrBB page. No one HAS to share links or place an ADDS button or banner on their blog to have their link here. Depending on the blog, the links here are for the ADDS readership to enjoy as a source of information, education and sometimes maybe even entertainment. Also for staying in touch with sites they like, friends who blog or share comments, opinions & their knowledge on blogs. :)


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