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A Domestic Discipline Society

A Domestic Discipline Society® is featured on several alternative lifestyle sites, and collectively has the largest membership and is the most active Domestic Discipline discussion community worldwide. A Domestic Discipline Society® is where all the varying styles of  the DD lifestyle are brought together in one place. ...continue for more info/full description

Domestic Discipline -  Domestic Discipline is the practice of a subtle Dominant and submissive type of lifestyle, with the emphasis on the relationship first, then and only then is spanking as a disciplinary action or punishment discussed. The Dominant partner is known as the Head of Household (HOH). The submissive partner is Taken in Hand (TIH). When implemented ideally, DD is the caring, consensual, consistently fair use of structure, accountability and discipline as a positive way to enhance communication, deepen intimacy and reinforce relationship commitment. The discipline normally includes one of many styles of  disciplinary actions or measures, but first centers around rules of behavior asked for by one partner and agreed to by the other. LINK >>> Continue to Full Definition...

Domestic Discipline Diary (DDiary) - It is a journal style tool used to honestly keep track of ideas. Also to keep track of misdeeds/transgressions that have occurred. Include first offense. second etc... Date of transgression, and what Disciplinary Action was applied with the date and time and more info. It can be seen at any time by the HoH. It should be kept in a private place where only the two of you can access it. ... continue for more info

Head of Household ( HoH ) The Dominant partner in a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle relationship dynamic.

HoH Rules -  The list referred to as the HoH Rules is slowly and patiently developed from the TiH List. An HoHs list of Rules is usually broken down into five areas known as The 3D S&H. Dishonesty, Disobedience, Disrespect, Safety and Health. ... continue for more information

3D S&Hcomprehensive, clear and complete categories used when a HoH is beginning or organizing the HoH Rules List. ... continue for more info 

Taken in Hand ( TiH )The submissive partner in a Domestic Discipline lifestyle relationship dynamic.

TiH List -  is an ever growing and changing entity. By no stretch of the imagination does it have to be "set" or perfect. Things will be added and taken off  through the passage of time. The TiH List is an important part of the weekly Sit Down Discussions. ... continue for more information

The DD Foundation - The Domestic Discipline Foundation is the common ground where all styles of DD relationship variations begin and continue. These are the common denominators that all DD couples, HoHs &TiHs add to and build up from. It consists of the 3 C's of Consent, Communication and Consistency. > ... continue for more information

The FREE DD Guide - A comprehensive Guide developed over a 15 year period, by someone with 30 years experience, using research with the help of 100s of people beginning and resetting their DD relationship choice. What worked is here, what didn't work can be found elsewhere! Read the Series from the bottom article ^UP > ... continue to full Series 

Reminder Spanking Reminder Spanking is a preemptive, warning style of spanking... administered beforehand.  ... continue for more information

Maintenance Spanking - is used as a time based continuing tool within a process to maintain focus, revisit and/or re-establish effect & relationship goals.... administered during or as part of the process. ... continue for more information

Sit Down Discussion (SitDD) -   a time specifically set aside for the HoH and TiH to sit down and discuss their relationship in a slightly more DD focused format then just chatting during the week or mentioning something in bed before sleep or at a dinner table. Set aside time once a week to fully communicate with one another about everything pertaining to your DD lifestyle. ... continue for more info

Above are some of the time proven and definitive DD descriptions. More to come.

Upcoming ADDS terminologies to include, ADDS Mentor, ADDS Teacher, MrBBs Calendar Board, Disciplinary Action, TLWL,  the difference between Spanking, Disciplinary Spanking and Punishment Spanking... and many many more
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