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A Domestic Discipline Society: Thank you to our Quiet Readers, We Love our Lurkers!

A Domestic Discipline Society readers come from all areas of the Domestic Discipline, Spanking and greater lifestyle community. Many are silent readers also known as Lurkers. Today is a special day set aside for us bloggers to say thank you for coming by and reading our musings, posts and articles.


HoH & TiH Domestic Discipline Discussion: The DD Chat Room Community Sit Down Discussion

** This weeks general DD Topic is a week long Q&A session. Bring up whatever is on your mind, ask questions & bring up DD focused discussion topics you have been thinking of recently.

Tonight's DD Topic is "Why did you choose a DD Relationship"


Domestic Discipline Book Club & DD Friendly Authors

Introducing the first ever DD Book Reviewer, also all and new DD Friendly Author links. The DD Friendly Authors / DD Book Club blog list was made to make it easier then ever to find a fiery DD fiction book by a great DD Fiction and Spanking Romance genre author!

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