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Domestic Discipline: Experienced HoHs Perspective on DD Core Values & Home

Those of us with experience have learned though time that the balance between a HoH and TiH can lead to a peaceful place and a tranquil refuge from the often stressful lives we lead.  Most importantly a home where a couple can express their love for one another.


A Domestic Discipline Society: DD featured in the Print Media!

Domestic Discipline has been highlighted in a public media newspaper published February 14th. A journalist researching the Domestic Discipline lifestyle dynamic, and where it might fit into the entire lifestyle community, published an article that is focused on Domestic Discipline and also mentions A Domestic Discipline Society, the E. L. James novel 50 Shades of Grey, Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) and touches on elements of the BDSM community.


Domestic Discipline Appreciation & Reaffirmation

Anytime is a great time to recommit to our loved ones. Planning that special evening together or a gift that says I Love You? Nothing says I Love You more then showing your loved one how much you appreciate them! And this is a great time of year to reaffirm a DD Household Commitment. Concentrating on what has brought you to whatever point you are currently traversing along on your own individual pathway, and how far each person has come, is a beautiful way to show your appreciation for your partner. That's right, it's DD Appreciation & Reaffirmation Days!


Domestic Discipline Relationship Characteristics: ETHICS are a Key to DD

What is ethical behavior in a Domestic Discipline Marriage or relationship? As with most questions posed when beginning and sustaining the DD dynamic within a marriage or relationship, personal ethical standards are communicated and discussed as part of an individuals beliefs on honesty and morals. It is also important to understand your personal feelings on Ethics if you're single and seeking a DD based relationship foundation.


Domestic Discipline Friendly Sites, Spanking Blogs, Authors, Links & Recommendations

A Domestic Discipline Society would like to recognize and recommend some of the blogs & sites who are both DD Friendly and who have been sharing and supportive of the DD community and A Domestic Discipline Society. Here they are...
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Domestic Discipline: New DD Blogs & ALL Sharing DD Blogs 2/13

UPDATED! NEW Sharing Domestic Discipline Blog award winners! These are distinctively DD Blogs who share their DD lifestyle journey and are who are part of the rapidly growing network of Sharing DD Bloggers.
 February's Sharing DD Bloggers are:

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