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Defending Domestic Discipline: I Love my DD choice

Defending Domestic Discipline from the ignorance & intolerance of people like Brandy Zadrozny. Recently a horrible interview was conducted that went insanely viral, spreading misleading and completely misguided information. The ignorance, intolerance and lack of research is disturbing. None of the so called "reporters" did any research and each one basically copy/pasted what the last one wrote instead of doing any investigation or reporting of their own.


Spanking for Jesus is a hoax: The reality of Domestic Discipline

This Community Sit Down Discussion is about all the negativity and damage that one post on one tabloid online site created. This has been the most misguided, negative and damaging piece of unresearched info to ever be published online. The author did not research the DD dynamic and tried to wrap DD into a personal vendetta against Christianity and condemn all men who have a christian belief and a DD foundation as wife beaters.

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