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Domestic Discipline Honesty

Honesty is one of the "Keys" that unlocks a door to your successful Domestic Discipline relationship dynamic. As it was mentioned in the Domestic Discipline Confession article published within the ADDS series Keys to a Domestic Discipline Relationship, being honest and confessing or "coming clean" are vital to a successful DD dynamic.


Liebster Award with a Domestic Discipline twist?

UPDATE: 11 DD Questions Answered.  A lot of friends have been emailing & asking ADDS to participate in the Liebster Award. This site is part of the ADDS discussion groups and sites that are specifically about Domestic Discipline resources, education and knowledge sharing.  I didn't know if I should participate. I'm known as an honest person who tells the unfiltered truth. So to be completely honest, I also really didn't feel 100% comfortable asking 11 friends to then have to ask 11 of their friends etc...  Then I read Bonnie's MBS blog and decided she had the right idea!


NYT Article & Jillian Keenan FOLLOW UP & Interview

What is happening NOW? Follow Up with Jillian Keenan, author of the NYT article I shared last week.
The author, Jillian Keenan, obviously hit an harmonious chord among millions of people who share a spanking related lifestyle or kink, and are struggling to explore or share with their loved ones.


Domestic Discipline and a NEW YORK TIMES Article

Finding the Courage to Reveal a Fetish
A Domestic Discipline Society is happy to have been the first to share this with our blogland friends! Thanks to one of our ADDS discussion group members for bringing this to our attention so quickly.
There are so many people who are, or have been, struggling with the dilemma of sharing their feelings on the subject of how to tell their loved one.

You're Over the EDGE please Don't Waste Everyone's Time :)

“THE EDGE,  there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”
 ― Hunter S. Thompson


Love Our Lurkers and Thank You!

Like so may others who decide to write a blog, we start by reading the blogs that interest us most. In my case it started a long time ago when I was looking for information to help people who I was teaching about DD and members of the ADDS discussion groups who were asking where they could find more good DD information. In 1995 it became possible for...

ALL Domestic Discipline Blogs

There are many wonderful DD lifestyle based blogs popping up all over blogland! Some openly share their personal lives, tribulations and growth with all of their readers. Others are based on DD information. And there are a lot more good authors and DD Friendly sites and blogs then there has ever been in the past! All of these are part of the growing world of information available on the subject of DD as a lifestyle choice. There is a lot to learn from them all. There are more distinctly DD blogs listed here on the ADDS site then anywhere else on the web. I hope when you have time, you'll check them out and let us know which ones are your favorites and which new blogs you recommend to be included on the ADDS list of links to All DD Blogs & DD Friendly Blogs & sites.


Domestic Discipline: Communication is a Key to DD

Domestic Discipline Communication Article
A Domestic Discipline style of lifestyle takes time to cultivate. Too often one partner pushes the other to "GET IT" before they're ready. This can leave one partner looking like a deer in the headlights and their partner is a Mack truck filled with information and ideas ready to plow them over! Not always, but more often then not, the potential submissive TiH partner reveals this consensual lifestyle to their potential HoH partner after reading and learning and reading and reading and reading... (you get the picture) and reading about Domestic Discipline as a lifestyle. It usually takes the TiH awhile to gain the courage to share this realization, and then right after the submissive partner finally divulges their need for leadership in the relationship... they take over!


A Domestic Discipline Society blog REVIEW

A wink style Blog review of the A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS) blog was recently posted on American Spanking Society by Todd & Suzy. ADDS has been mentioned before for the discussion groups in different areas, but this is the first Review of the A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS) blog! I thought I would share it with the ADDS readers and say Thanks to Todd & Suzy :)

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