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There are many wonderful DD lifestyle based blogs popping up all over blogland! Some openly share their personal lives, tribulations and growth with all of their readers. Others are based on DD information. And there are a lot more good authors and DD Friendly sites and blogs then there has ever been in the past! All of these are part of the growing world of information available on the subject of DD as a lifestyle choice. There is a lot to learn from them all. There are more distinctly DD blogs listed here on the ADDS site then anywhere else on the web. I hope when you have time, you'll check them out and let us know which ones are your favorites and which new blogs you recommend to be included on the ADDS list of links to All DD Blogs & DD Friendly Blogs & sites.

Help ADDS continuing effort to provide the best Domestic Discipline lifestyle information & remain Your DD Home for Everything DD:
Recommend your favorite Domestic Discipline Blogs!
(especially if it's a new DD blog and not on our ADDS blogroll list yet)

The ADDS readers choose who they want to refer to the ALL Domestic Discipline Blogs list of links.
This was originally posted in the format of a vote for peoples favorite DD Blogs. After the overwhelming response and all the suggestions and votes came pouring in, we decided to change the focus into a completely supportive way to help serve every blog in the DD community and present all the best free DD blogs available.
UPDATE 12-05-12:  Because of the quality and growing number of resources and sites, the ALL Domestic Discipline Blogs list is growing rapidly and there are many more great sites to share. ADDS readers have been recommending even more as our readership BOOMS! In order to accommodate many more new sites for you, I have created two ALL DD Blog lists that will mesh together seamlessly. ALL sites who share links will be shown on the first part and will stay fully visible at all times with full information including Pics, Snippets, Title of newest post, Icons etc... & they will be on the second part of the list too!!! Those who share, are shared TWICE in return! :)
The second part of the of the ALL DD Blogs list starts right below the first. The only difference is that the second part will include the 25 most recent blogs who have posted. Not to worry, ALL the great blogs and sites are staying because they are also excellent informational and entertainment resources. To see the ENTIRE second part of the ALL DD Blogs List, simply click "SHOW ALL" at the bottom of the list. 

Here are the 2 simple ways to qualify:

To recommend or become a Sharing friend of A Domestic Discipline Society please read for eligibility and then Contact MrBB: 
1)  "Domestic Discipline" is mentioned in at least one of the following:  title or opening blog description under title  -and/or-  "Domestic Discipline" is mentioned in at least one: the writers profile description, "About Me" style post, their first post...  then some subsequent posts afterward. That way it's your decision if you're DD!
2)  The Sharing Domestic Discipline Blogs  list of links is created by the DD community of Readers & Bloggers. Bloggers can also recommend their blog after sharing A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS) on Blog Roll or on Link list.  Please contact MrBB with recommendations or to recommend your blog after linking. ADDS has always believed in & been a leader in Free DD information. Please recommend or be a Free blog not asking for personal donations, set up to deceive or sell anything for purely personal gain at the expense of our new community members, or that is harmful to the DD community.

Recommend  your favorite DD blogs & NEW DD blogs:
* If a site has an ADDS link and/or banner on their site, that's not on the ADDS site yet let us know! 
* If you're a blogger, include an ADDS link to your blog, and please let us know right away. All good & respectful blogs will be added to either the ALL Domestic Discipline Blogs list of links or the DD Friendly list.
It is greatly appreciated, but we would never force you to HAVE to share an ADDS banner on your blog just so you can participate here. Sharing is appreciated but never mandatory.
A Domestic Discipline Society believes that sharing domestic discipline information gives everyone the most interesting and comprehensive view of what works best for each individual DD relationship!
 * When emailing MrBB to recommend DD blogs or DD Friendly blog/site >> Subject Line: RECOMMENDED 
 * All Bloggers can refer their own blog or someone else's blog. Bloggers without a blogroll, can simply include the "Recommended by" button below.

Email  >>>  Contact MrBB  to recommend a DD lifestyle blog.

We love to see these on other sites!

This means ADDS members and readers enjoy your blog because it is distinctly DD or DD Friendly!

Last October, A Domestic Discipline Society had a community wide vote to find which Domestic Discipline Blog the ADDS readers preferred as a favorite. I was absolutely amazed at the support and outpouring of votes and ideas that came rolling in!


  1. Hermione's Heart is my favorite for light hearted and Red Booty Woman is my favorite for serious :)



  2. Thanks for you votes Young Lady! And, I just joined your blog :)

  3. UPDATE: No need to leave the URL address here for your vote to count. (But it's ok if you do, especially if they're not on the current blog-roll yet)
    It looks like most people have been deciding to vote by email through the Contact MrBB "tab" near the top of the page.
    I just opened the ADDS email and was happy to see so many of you voting.
    Click Votes seem to be popular too.

  4. Anonymous10/20/2012

    I like a lot of them that are on the list here. I would like to see more done by hohs.
    I used to read one called Husbands Touch ? but can't find it again, it used to be on the list here

    1. Hi
      The blog you are looking for is now called Mick and Lynda's Place and the address is:
      and yes, it is one of the very best blogs on this topic.

    2. Thanks Lillie! Is that a vote for Mick and Lynda's Place? :)

      I have been spending a lot of time in blogworld recently, so it is already on the blog list. I updated it the day it changed from Husbandly Touch to the new name and address.
      Sadly A loves Z blog is gone, anyone know if that one will be re-starting.
      And very very sadly, a good friend, Poppy St Vincent, has gone AWOL from her site, twitter... everywhere. Anyone who has been around a long time will miss her dearly. Here's hoping she comes back soon.

      ok... back to voting!

    3. Yes, I will certainly cast my vote for Mick and Lynda Place. My husband and I would be lost without their guidance early on. :)

    4. Thanks for coming back and making your Mick and Lynda's Place vote official Lillie. :)

  5. Anonymous10/20/2012

    Finding Sara has my vote. It has been good for years.
    Thank you for having it on your list.
    Your discussion groups your writings and blogs like Finding Sara
    is how my husband and I made it through our first few year and a half of DD in our marriage. Now all our married friends want to know how we are so close and happily married. I think they are jealous and I love it :)

  6. Anonymous10/20/2012

    I second "Finding Sara". If I can vote twice: Mick (husbandly Touch). Third: no, no, I could go on and on. Different ones seem to touch me at different times. I really appreciate you all taking the time to share your experience for my dh and I to learn from. Thank you, Lucy

    1. We'll count both of those Lucy :)
      People can vote for more then one, they can vote for each one they like. I understand completely, there are so many very good blogs out there. It might be better to post each vote on a separate comment though. That way others can reply with "I vote for too" to vote for the same one. It's up to you how you would like to vote though :)

  7. Anonymous10/21/2012

    oh I love this blog, can we vote for this blog? if so I will vote for this blog!!!
    and I also agree with the Finding Sara blog votes

  8. Sorry about the comment made two comments ago that was up there for awhile. I usually don't let those through. I have a "helper" who helps by letting in comments for me when I'm away from the comp, or working or sleeping etc.. (contrary to popular belief, I do sleep!)
    It was very kind of them (I think I might even know who it is)
    I really appreciate the kind sentiment. I don't think it's polite to toot ones own horn, and since I write this site it would kind of be like that if I let it stay... so I had to take it down. And it was true, I don't often write about myself online, and that comment was doing it for me, so again... sorry and thanks I do appreciate the kind words but I thought it best to take it down.

    Now on with voting! This is FUN!!!!! Lots and lots of emails and Click Votes.

    1. All comments are published, unless there is something rude or cussing or saying something mean about someone or another site etc....
      *wags my finger* None of that here please :)

  9. My all-around favorite for a Dd blog is Finding Sara. I love that she has shared so much of her journey with us, even the challenging moments, such as those she is facing right now. I look forward to checking out all the blogs that are mentioned here.

    1. Another vote for Sara! Thank you for your non-Anonymous 5 point vote Jenny!
      Thanks for posting, and I just joined your blog. :)

  10. Oh and... I appreciate the votes here and through email. But like I have written to those who have been voting for ADDS through the Contact MrBB tab near the top of the page, I don't think that would be right. Any site having a fun vote that includes itself wouldn't be as fun! lol I'm more interested in knowing what everyone who comes here wants to see here.
    I've been seeing the number of people coming here growing very quickly ( up to about 1,000+ a day), and wanted the readers to choose the free DD blogs or sites they would most like to see listed here. There are a lot of new DD blogs I want to see listed here too on a post and then the DD blog-roll. I'm going to add more DD Friends sites and a separate DD Friendly Authors blog-roll...
    Basically, there are a lot of reader friendly, fun, practical and aesthetic changes coming in the next few days and weeks. And your votes are the beginning of that. I hope you enjoy!

    Again... back to the voting! :)

  11. Anonymous10/21/2012

    The one I always send people to is Finding Sara. She has not been able to write as much lately, but she has written for years and has terrific stuff. She's the one that helped me the most when we got started.

    Of course, there's also sorts of good ones these days, as you noted.

    1. Thank you for sharing links and stopping by to comment and vote Mick!
      And that is so nice of you to vote for another blog!
      (I promise, I'm not trying to sway votes here>>>) Your Husbandly Touch blog has been terrific! And I'm sure Mick and Lynda's Place will be the next great progression of your blog! :)

  12. Mine is still Her Mischief Managed!

    1. Thanks for your vote Julia! About a week ago, I joined your blog and Susie's HMM blog too :)

  13. Replies
    1. Thanks for voting Renee! And Cg is such a nice person too.
      She just Guest Posted her HoH Appreciation Day post here last week :)

  14. I thing Finding Sara is the go-to blog for domestic discipline. Even though we don't practise DD, I find it a very interesting read.

  15. I have so many favorites. I would have to say that I love Ian & Lillie's Place and Rules to Love By the mostest.

  16. Finding Sara has my vote. Perfect choice.


  17. Anonymous10/27/2012

    Finding Sara is dysfunctional and no longer a DD blog.
    Try reading it before voting.

    1. Anonymous10/30/2012

      I've read every word of it, and most of the people who voted for it have kept up to date, too.

    2. Wow, why would Jack be so testy about that??

    3. Not sure. I (& the helper elves!) just allow anyone's opinion no matter what. Unless there is foul language or a link that doesn't belong etc... Actually, there are times people are "way too nice" while posting Anonymous and it looks a little funny. So those politely aren't included lol

  18. Finding Sara is the one I would choose. She has my vote.

  19. The votes are pouring in, mainly via email like we expected, but there are still a lot of click votes and votes coming in here. It has been suggested that we postpone the voting a few more days through election day here in the US which is Nov 6th. This is an international site and we have a very large following of readers from all over the world, but it still sounds like a fun idea. I'll post something before then to let you know. To be sure your vote counts, read the rules to qualify and send your votes before November 1st.!

  20. I would have voted for Bonnie but we just had such an awesome Bonnie appreciation day so my next is Red Booty Woman which is one of the reasons I got brave enough to start a form of DD in my own house. :)

  21. The votes are in from everywhere! (Oddly not everything counted from Florida yet though! lol)
    All votes are in, and we are honestly amazed at the number of people who have participated especially via email and click votes. Beyond a few sites that were mentioned and voted for more then most others, there were votes, plugs and nods for newer and older DD blogs alike. It became clear that we needed to do something special to help unite ALL the DD blogs that received votes! And there is also a plan in place to offer a larger helping hand to all DD blogs that are newer, now and in the future. Anyone who would like to help in any way is always welcomed.
    And this post will be re-formatted & stay up to continue to gather input from ADDS readers based on new, interesting and fun DD reading material to share specifically on the subject of Domestic Discipline.
    I'll post something in the next few days to update everyone on the recent vote and new material it has generated for everyone in our community.


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