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Domestic Discipline Information, Research & DD Mentoring

How we gather information is important, and in the beginning how we Research Domestic Discipline is vital to later success. The Domestic Discipline Community Sit Down Discussion & DD Topic this week in The DD Community Chat Room is: Domestic Discipline Information, Research & DD Mentoring. 


Domestic Discipline Black Wednesday: DD and the Media after June 19th

UPDATED Info & Links! Domestic Discipline as a lifestyle has come under a smear campaign filled with misinformation and fabrication. June 19th is DD Black Wednesday and the worst day in Domestic Discipline history. It is on that day that all the negativity in the media began and continues. This can easily be seen by everyone around for more then a couple years who are aware of the celebrations and difficulties this community has been through over many years. It can be proven through a retrospective of the past and what has happened since June 19th.


Domestic Discipline is Consensual: DD is Loving

In light of the recent difficulties that have been presented to the DD Community, it became evident that we as a community need to continue to seek out and present the truth of what a Domestic Discipline really IS vs what it is NOT. ADDS was built on sharing and exploring the commonalities of what DD is all about. We had no need to delve into asking if DD was abusive in any way because everyone knew that one of the most important aspect that defines DD is that DD is consensual. Because of a horrible article we now find it necessary to explore one area that DD is NOT. DD is NOT abusive in any way, or it is not DD.

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