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Domestic Discipline Calendar

  The DD Calendar

This is the 7th article in this series that begins with >>>
>>>   "Where to Start: Beginning your DD Lifestyle Together"

DD Calendar: An ADDS Communication Tool

In the beginning of your DD lifestyle dynamic, or when starting to revitalize it with these ADDS tools and ideas, it's best to start slowly and work on one to two goals or behavioral changes at a time. In day to day life as your DD lifestyle grows there are going to be ...


HoH: Head of Household Rules

  •            HoH Rules ...

     ... Need to be Be Clear and defined!

A guide to develop the HoH Rules List.
The list referred to as the HoH Rules is slowly and patiently developed from the TiH List.
Continuing with the series that begins with " Where to Start " 


Defining The TiH List and The Domestic Discipline Diary

Where the TiH List and DDiary come Together

 Continuing the series of articles that begins with Where to Start: Beginning Your DD Lifestyle Together

In the first article in this series for August, I touched on a general overview of the TiH List, HoH Rules and mentioned The DDiary. All of which can be important tools for your DD relationship communication and during your weekly Sit Down Discussions. That first article is meant for those beginning, revitalizing or adding tools to their DD lifestyle. 
In this installment in the series I'll be covering the TiH List more in depth, and introducing uses of The DDiary. >>>>>


Touching Base / Thank you :)

 Touching Base

In the first four articles, (Where to StartThe Sit Down Discussion, Progression of Discipline and The Tolerance LaDDer), some ADDS style DD lifestyle tools have been brought to light for the first time in the blogosphere.


The Tolerance LaDDer

ADDS 30 points of Reference
A Pain Tolerance Communication Tool
The Tolerance LaDDer and the Progression of Discipline (PoD) go hand in hand. The Tolerance LaDDer is a pain tolerance communication tool... >>>>>


Progression of Discipline

Moving From Discussion to Spanking

Disciplinary Actions                                                         
I think it's important to interject at this time what the Progression of Discipline is like in a DD lifestyle relationship. The information in this post is meant for discussion between new and existing HoHs and TiHs. I noticed while rereading this that I am writing mainly to the HoHs. >>>>>


The Sit Down Discussion

 Opening Communication

  First Sit Down Discussions

Set aside time at least once or twice a week to fully communicate with one another about everything pertaining to your DD lifestyle. Begin a ritual of ... >>>


Where to Start: Beginning your Domestic Discipline Relationship

Beginning or Revitalizing your DD Lifestyle Together

TiH List/HoH Rules
Becoming interested in DD might be easier for some people. The desire for DD in a relationship can be a natural and healthy inclination for those who feel the strength and need toward their natural submissive or Dominant nature. There is a desire for love, security, and connection with...

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