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Touching Base / Thank you :)

 Touching Base

In the first four articles, (Where to StartThe Sit Down Discussion, Progression of Discipline and The Tolerance LaDDer), some ADDS style DD lifestyle tools have been brought to light for the first time in the blogosphere.

Both physical tools, communication tools and discussion ideas have been brought forward. I'm aware that there isn't another site discussing exactly what is found here. These are the tools and ideas that I have been developing for myself as a HoH and also cultivating while Mentoring, Teaching and Educating new and experienced people about the respectful DD lifestyle choice for many years. I also draw from the years of moderating A Domestic Discipline Society discussion groups. Basically, they are the tools of an experienced HoH and long time DD Mentor & Teacher. My hope is that new HoHs, TiHs and DD couples will sit together and read these articles and discuss the information found here. And use the information  in conversations and in their Sit Down Discussions. This information has also been very helpful for people who already have been living within a DD lifestyle choice and utilize these tools and philosophies to add to and strengthen their relationship. For whatever reasons each one of you have chosen to read these articles and the ones in the future, please form and configure what you find here through thoughtful, honest and non judgmental open communication. Take into your DD lifestyle what feels right for you, or for you and your DD lifestyle partner.
I would suggest not getting too caught up in finding an exact literal description of each of the terminologies and ideas found here. This blog is just beginning so the general ideas are based on the fundamental principles of a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle dynamic. Basically, the A B Cs of DD! :)

I will be getting back to the series of articles that have kicked off this site and this post will be taken down soon. It will be reformatted and part of it will probably be added to the Site Info Page. But I just wanted to take the time to touch base with the people who have been reading this site and also to those who have been contacting me. It's only been a week but I'm amazed by the thousands of visitors to this site already. I'm new at writing for a blog, but I have learned that although there are only a handful of public Followers (& ty very much to all of you!), there are a large group of people following privately or via email. Keep contacting me, I love the outpouring of ideas!
And again, Thank you :)

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