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Domestic Discipline Community Sit Down Discussion

This weeks DD Community Sit Down Discussion: *Confession*
Confessing when a rule has been broken or breached is one of the Keys to DDThis is one area many TiHs find very difficult, especially in the beginning. A DD relationship includes the TiH being completely honest in the agreed upon Power Exchange... even when the HoH is not around. And that's just one area where Confessing plays a key role in a successful Domestic Discipline lifestyle.


Thoughts on the Draw to Domestic Discipline: Why Do I Want to be Punished?

UPDATE: A Domestic Discipline Society loves to share what YOU think! One way is with Guest Posts by ADDS Members! While enjoying a chat in The DD Chat Room a new person mentioned that they enjoy writing. I asked if she wrote a DD blog, she replied she'd like to but not yet. We chatted about something she wrote and shared once before. She updated and emailed it and I was happy to ask if she would like to Guest Post here on ADDS. She graciously accepted.


Domestic Discipline Community Forum: Open Discussion Days!

It was a short message on Twitter. It's become a positive movement toward building an open sharing community. Most people may have not have even noticed or understood it. I was hoping it might be the pebble in the pond that created a ripple effect spreading out toward something that might benefit the community in a positive way.


Domestic Discipline Chat Room: The DD Community Chat Room

THE DD CHAT ROOM UPGRADED! New features, check Rules/Entry Page!
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