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Domestic Discipline Forgiveness

Within love there is forgiveness...  without forgiveness, love does not exist in a meaningful long term DD lifestyle relationship.


Domestic Discipline Confession

Domestic Discipline style Confessing

Confessing a misdeed is one area many TiHs find very difficult. 
Especially for a newer Taken in Hand  style submissive... 

A true DD relationship includes the TiH being completely honest in the agreed upon Power Exchange... even when the HOH is not around. And that is where Confessing plays a key role in a successful Domestic Discipline lifestyle.


Domestic Discipline Aftercare

Aftercare is one of the "keys" that lead to or define a Domestic Discipline lifestyle relationship. 


Domestic Discipline Reminder Spanking

A Preemptive Measure
Reminder Spanking  are a preemptive, warning style of spanking... administered beforehand


Domestic Discipline Maintenance Spanking

A Proactive Spanking Measure

Maintenance Spanking - is used as a time based continuing tool within a process to maintain focus, revisit and/or re-establish effect & relationship goals.... administered during or as part of the process. 


Becoming Taken in Hand (Part 2)

Relinquishing Control

 Becoming Taken in Hand Pt. 2 

On one of the A Domestic Discipline Society discussion groups, this thread was started and has become one of the more popular threads on that ADDS group. I have slightly changed the names, but the content of each post is just as written. I did move some of the posts so this Article could be presented conversationally in two parts for continuity. This is part two.


Becoming Taken In Hand

 Transferring Control 

Becoming Taken In Hand Pt. 1

One of the questions I am often asked is, "How do I get my partner to understand that I NEED this lifestyle?" There are challenges for the submissive partner to then overcome. One of those challenges can be that the TiH partner has fallen into a role that they don't want, but find hard to transition from.


A Letter for you, from MrBBSpanker

So far, this site is filled with information that has been developed over many years of living the DD lifestyle choice (even before it was called DD) and the honor of  Mentoring and Teaching others who live this lifestyle dynamic. I understood when finally "officially" launching this site that there were a lot of things to learn and the blog format might pose some challenges. Those challenges would include... >>>>>

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