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Domestic Discipline Reminder Spanking

A Preemptive Measure
Reminder Spanking  are a preemptive, warning style of spanking... administered beforehand

Reminder Spanking - A Reminder Spanking is a preemptive, warning style of spanking... administered beforehand.

Normally administered before an occasion or event when a TIH has misbehaved at a similar occasion in the past. (had to much to drink, complained about leaving on time etc) It is a preemptive measure to communicate, warn and "remind" the submissive partner that there will be consequences if their past actions are repeated. 

Communicate, by explaining fully what the past transgression was before the disciplinary action begins...

 warn by divulging what they should expect for any similar actions during the Reminder spanking... their very well warmed bottom reminding them throughout the event not to misbehave.

The intensity and duration would depend on the past infraction and if it's something recent or a problem that has arisen more then once in the past. As always, with Preemptive Spankings, the importance of communication is a key. If it's a planned event, then there would be time to have a conversation or two beforehand, and definitely bring it up at the Sit Down discussion prior to the occasion. 

When you have been getting more comfortable using the tools defined earlier from this site, (especially from the Progression of Discipline, and the Tolerance LaDDer) the discussions will be more fruitful and defined when talking about Disciplinary and Non Disciplinary Spankings. There are many styles of spanking that are used by the HoH to help guide their TiH submissive partner. Maintenance and Reminder Spankings are not considered Disciplinary Actions. They are two of the Preemptive Spankings, or preemptive measures, used as a positive application so the TiH partner does NOT get into real trouble.

HoHs, if your mate is always getting into serious trouble then the easiest thing to do is point a finger, blame and say they just don't try hard enough. But, in reality, sometimes we need to take a long look at ourselves and ask what we can do to lead our loved ones toward better long term behavior. Listen to not only what our partners are saying, but also what they aren't fully expressing. We expect after time, that our TiHs will learn to anticipate many of our needs. We as leaders need to also be proactive and consciously be aware of our loved ones signals. Listen to voice inflection and focus a keen eye on their body language, especially when they are going through a stressful or difficult time. HoHs are not dictators. We as leaders are an attentive, present and an active part of the whole relationship.

HoHs are on the protagonists in our love story. We're on the same page as our TiHs. We're not micro managing and looking for a reason to spank or discipline all the time. We want a tranquil, peaceful and harmonious home life and using all the physical and cognitive skills at our disposal will help us lead our household down a peaceful path.

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  1. new to dd so looking for a bit of guildence

  2. Anonymous11/08/2012

    I see the difference between Maintenance and Reminder spankings now.
    Both good to know and use differently at different times.

  3. My confusion stems from the spanking, Disciplinary spanking and Punishment spanking, and would like to see those more clearly defined. My partner and I are both new to this and kind of fumbling our way together.

    1. Hi James thanks for reading & commenting, that is always appreciated :) I have touched on your request with others email requests in a new article titled, "Spanking, Disciplinary Spanking, Punishment Spanking, Experiment Spanking & Safe-Words"
      For even more in-depth information or questions, please email me though the Contact MrBB Tab Page or through IM chat on the B Blazer Google+ account. I'm always happy to help :)


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