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Domestic Discipline Rules: Examining, Building & Re-Organizing DD Relationship Rules

Rules, Goals and Aspirations... Where to begin building Domestic Discipline Relationship Rules.
A common discussion found throughout the DD community is about Rules. How to build DD Relationship Rules. Where to begin and how to continue. Later on, how to keep everything organized and working as a tool in the relationship dynamic instead of becoming a micromanaging mess where the TiH or HoH feel hemmed in instead of free in their choice to live a DD style relationship.


Domestic Discipline Key to DD: Patience

We've all heard that patience is a virtue. While patience is truly a virtue in life, patience is vital in a new, growing and continuing Domestic Discipline relationship. Patience is a Key to DD because we don't absolutely know how our partner, or future partner, will accept and intellectualize the information about what a Domestic Discipline lifestyle choice is in reality.
This is part seven of the ongoing ADDS Series, Keys to DD.

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