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Domestic Discipline Information, Research & DD Mentoring

How we gather information is important, and in the beginning how we Research Domestic Discipline is vital to later success. The Domestic Discipline Community Sit Down Discussion & DD Topic this week in The DD Community Chat Room is: Domestic Discipline Information, Research & DD Mentoring. 

The idea of either using or not using a Mentor in the DD area of the lifestyle is becoming a polarizing topic of discussion. Some decide to seek a Mentor, others don't, that's of course completely up to each individual and couple. For those who do decide to seek a DD Mentor, just as in other areas of the general lifestyle community, finding a Mentor is something that needs to be investigated thoroughly. Mentors are not what they once were and many are calling themselves Mentors who have little or no real life experience.
In the area of Domestic Discipline there are now people coming in who then try and Mentor others while they themselves are just beginning to learn. Or they have some background in an area of the lifestyle community outside of DD, but are relatively new to DD. They may be very nice people who are only trying to be helpful. They may just have the type of personality that is used to giving advice in other areas of their life and don't know that they might be accidentally misleading someone and making another person's journey along the path of a successful DD relationship more difficult. And then there's those who will try purposely present themselves as a Mentor for selfish reasons, have ulterior motives, or much worse.

How does a person actually know who is experienced or not while they themselves are brand new?
Imagine you're a brand new employee on your first day on the job. No one expects you to know everything and in many cases you know very little of what is needed to carry out your job on a daily basis. No one expects that you know everything and you begin learning what you need to know. Often you are assigned a person to help or Mentor you. If that person is touchy, tries to get you to give them money for their advice, tries to control you outside of the information you need, or is harassing you, you can go to your supervisor and there are also federal guidelines to safeguard you.

When you first endeavor to step into the lifestyle community in any area, you don't have those safeguards.
* Where and how should a person begin looking for the information they need?
* How do you begin to research something so new without knowing exactly who to ask safely?
* How do you personally stay safe and also safeguard your personal information?
* Why would someone say they are a Mentor, yet they want to Discipline, control, have sex etc?
* Personally I'm not saying you should, but if you choose to seek a Mentor, what information should you ask for, what qualities should they posses or not posses and what questions should you avoid answering early on while seeking a DD Mentor?

Research and gather information safely. Patience while researching leads to knowledge. Knowledge can lead you safely to all the benefits this lifestyle choice has to offer. 

Since this is a week of discussions about Domestic Discipline Information, Research and DD Mentoring, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the DD Research Series. It's a four part series focused on what is discussed in this article and much more. It's unique to ADDS, nicely in depth and has become very popular... especially Part 1 & 4 but take special note of Part 3 for this weeks Community SitDD and DD Topic of the Week.

* 1) How to Start Domestic Discipline Research: What is DD to Me Resource & Eliminating Confusion 

2) Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Research: How to Start Reaching Out & Communicating Online

3) Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Mentor: How to Seek a DD Mentor

4) Taken in Hand View of Head of Household Role ~ One TiHs View of HoH Role
(4 has become extremely popular & a classic DD article because friends and partners are sharing!)

These are just some of the questions and ideas that are being discussed this week in The DD Community Chat Room.
The Sunday Community Sit Down Discussion begins at 10am US EST / 3pm London time each week.
The Sunday Community Sit Down Discussion topic can also be brought up all through the week as the DD Topic of the Week.
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  1. Anonymous8/26/2013

    This whole adds blog site is like the CNN of DD. if its news or happening in DD it's here! I am happy I found this place last month and I have read all the Research series. It was more then helpful it was what set us on the right direction of finding more DD information without feeling worried or overwhelmed thank you - Jess n Jessie

    1. CNN of DD .. love that!I
      Can I use that?! :)
      You're on the best site place ro help n possibly Mentor.

      Have you visited The DD Community Chat Room?
      Fantasist place!

  2. Anonymous4/09/2015

    where do you find a mentor

    1. "old style" Mentoring isn't what it once was. Many online Mentors aren't Mentors at all, they just have their own agenda. I would suggest coming into The DD Community Chat Room. There are many people there who can help with information :)


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