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NYT Article & Jillian Keenan FOLLOW UP & Interview

What is happening NOW? Follow Up with Jillian Keenan, author of the NYT article I shared last week.
The author, Jillian Keenan, obviously hit an harmonious chord among millions of people who share a spanking related lifestyle or kink, and are struggling to explore or share with their loved ones.

The NYT article titled Finding the Courage to Reveal a Fetish is also trending as Modern Love: Spanking Fetish is not Revealed Easily. The re-post of that article can be found here ad free as Domestic Discipline and a New York Times Article and includes a link to the NYT online article published November 9th. It was republished in print November 12th in the Sunday Style section of  NYT newspaper. If you haven't had the chance to read it yet, I would suggest doing so now and coming back to this post afterward :)

Since then I have had a little contact with the author through social media and email, and the post here has been insanely popular. I have been asked to share a little more information about the article and reactions to it.

As I mentioned, the article is still trending through social media. Is it any wonder? There is so little good information about spanking in any form that once a very good article is published by mainstream media it's devoured by those starving for more and more good information on the subject. We have been teased a little through the years and experienced peaks and valleys of interest from the media. Most of the time though is is packaged with a more BDSM feel and sometimes looks like a Halloween broadcast done by a tiny news team in Nowhere Pumkinville located in LOST nation! (sorry to those living in Nowhere Pumkinville!) But this article is written by a real person who is revealing a real "fetish" that is DD friendly.  It's also an engaging article that feels like it could be anyone in our community.

So here's a short Follow Up.

I wrote an email to Ms. Keenan to introduce myself a little, to just say thanks and share appreciation and support for the article and open a short dialog. Here's an excerpt from that one and a few email conversations.

MrBB: Hello Jillian,
Thank you so much for your article published yesterday.
I have been moderating discussion groups on the subject for many years and recently began writing a blog focused on information based on a lifestyle that includes much of what you mentioned.
the article is being very well received and appreciated.
Thank you again Jillian.
MrBB (<nickname)
I later shared my real name.

Jillian: Dear Mr. BB,
Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so happy you enjoyed my essay.

MrBB:  I can imagine it was scary.  In various areas of the lifestyle community, there is often discussion about how to tell a significant other or a spouse about these feelings. There are people who have been married for many years that still struggle with "coming out" and sharing these feelings with their partner.  So, you can hopefully see why your article has given a voice to many of them. When something in the mainstream media comes out in any format it actually gives them the opportunity to casually open the subject with their partner. A little "oh honey, did you see this... what do you think" can go a long way in garnering a response from their partner that could lead to a discussion they have been struggling and longing to have.

Was she nervous about the article?
Jillian: This was certainly a scary piece to write (and even scarier to publish) so every bit of support means the world to me.
She also answered this via social media: She was so nervous "her hands were shaking" the day it was first published.

What was the response the day it was published?
Jillian:  Sorry for the slow reply! As you can imagine, my email inbox is
totally flooded right now and it's taking me a lot longer to respond
to my emails than usual.

In her defense, it only took her one day to reply. But she had a full inbox and was fielding reaction via social media. Almost all of it online was very positive. And a couple "not so positive" ones were handed with grace. 

Did she regret coming out to David? Or writing the article?
Jillian: I don't regret coming out to him (or to the NYT) for one
second. :)

What happened with her and David? Are they still together?
Jillian:  I do sympathize with people who are frustrated by the
ending, so I'll say that David and I are both very happy and looking
forward to a lifetime together full of support, mutual respect, and

Soc media: He isn't into spanking in the same way she is, they are very happy, and is a great guy who is wonderfully supportive.

 Is she a blogger in this community? No she isn't.

What's happening NOW?
Jillian did an interview with Dan Savage for a podcast. 
 -Dan Savage is the author of Savage Love, co-founder of the It Gets Better Project, and stars in MTV's Savage U.

Jillian is going to Berlin and then on to Bosnia.
UPDATE: Was in Germany and now in Bosnia.

NEW UPDATE: Interview with Ms Keenan by Dan Savage is here 
                                starts about the 20:11 mark >>>  Savage Love #317

As long as you keep emailing... we'll bring you updates on this post.
Look for the word UPDATE on this post when you visit. But, it does look like Ms. Keenan is happy and moving forward with her life after coming out to David. Coming out is important to those who decide to do so, but does not define an entire person either. :)

 if  you shared the first article or a link with your readers already, and you feel they would like a follow-up. 
Feel free to share this link   http://adomesticdisciplinesociety.blogspot.com/


  1. Anonymous11/17/2012

    Thanks, Mr. BBSpanker. This is a very interesting woman and her article is certainly getting a great deal of attention. I hope it gets people talking about dd in a more positive light.

    1. You're welcome my friend :) I agree she's a very interesting person. She is also very nice. Like most of us, there is much more depth to her life then just this one area. But, I thought it best to only share about general information pertinent to the article.

  2. Hi MrBB,

    Thanks for the followup. I am especially pleased to see that she and David are still together. I wonder if he will eventually get into spanking, if only for her sake.


    1. Hiya Hermione! She came out and expressed her need for a style of spanking in the relationship, and she now exudes happiness and looks forward to a lifetime together. And although he's not into spanking "in the same way"... if I had to guess it be that giving spankings are probably one of the ways he's been "supportive" :)

  3. For more information, go to the Savage Love interview by Dan Savage with Jillian Keenan. There is a link above!

  4. I have also read Jillian's account of her arrival at the portals of spanking and enjoyed it. As a mature, male spanker of many experiences all over the world, I can relate to much of what she writes and have seen many of my female spankees 'coming out' in the same way.

    I'm in Australia and met my current spankee online via a British spanking site 6 years ago, so it's without doubt a global phenomenon. The only time I was ever quiet about my urges was prior to retirement as a high school teacher when one has to be very circumspect admitting to such a fetish.

    I foresee a day, and would love to be around, when there are spanking salons on Main Street where fellow spankophiles can pop in during their lunch hour for a titilatingspanking, giving or taking.

    I wish many more enjoyable spankings for young Jillian in her life:-)



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