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Cyclical Spanking: A Guest Post by Ronnie, of the Heart and Soul Blog

A Domestic Discipline Society loves to share what YOU think! One way is with Guest Posts by ADDS Members! I was reading one of the blogs I visit often and enjoyed the post as an original and insightful observation! I thought the ADDS readership would enjoy it also. So I asked Ronnie from the Heart and Soul blog if I could re-post it here as a Guest Post. She graciously said yes...

A mini bio,

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50 + hospitality professional, happily married, happily spanked by a wonderful husband and happy to share with you. The spankings, not my husband.
By Ronnie, From the Heat and Soul Blog,


Cyclical Spanking

Cyclical isn't a word I would have associated with spanking but my husband did, whether he believed it or not is another matter, sometimes he says things just to amuse me, or himself. 

He was answering a question I'd asked him about why spankings seemed to come in fits and starts, I told him I'd read it on a blog which was actually a lie, it was my own observation and question really, I just didn't want him to know that.

He wasn't particularly interested in the question and fobbed me off saying it was just the pattern of life, whatever that was supposed to mean. I said oh right, but how come they bunch up together at times, or seem to, and then go into drought mode at others, life doesn't swing up and down all that much. Then he came out with the cyclical thing, he said it was like anything else, fashion, economics, business etc, they all had cycles, he said maybe spanking was the same, maybe it was related to times of the year or the weather, yes he said, he thought that was probably the case. That would provide the background environment in which spankings would be more likely, all it would need then was a trigger and probably not much of one. He seemed satisfied with that, I wasn't but I didn't ask him any more.

What I really wanted to extract from his wisdom, but in a detached sort of way which didn't seem too obvious, was how things could be evened out a bit more, not by diluting the spurts I might add, but by filling the droughts. I shall email him later and ask him when the next cyclical upturn is due, I'll add a wink and a smiley, he might take it as good natured cheek and spank me.

Ronnie's Blog > Heart and Soul
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  1. This is a grea post and good question, I read this on Ronnie's blog, I agree, spankings do seem to happen in fits and starts.


    1. I agree Roz!
      When I read this over on Heart & Soul I thought it was a very interesting perspective.

  2. Thanks MrBB.


    1. Thank you Ronnie!
      Thanks for this very insightful observation :)

  3. I thought Ronnie had a great observational point! I too read this on her blog.
    I think it's about 'real life.'

  4. Are you complaining about the dry periods because I get punished OTK paddled about 3 x wk for something that I generally try to talk him down to a smack or two because I found the punishment so painful for the crime. Do you also spank for play, ours is disciplin only and painful. I want to obey my man but no one is perfect. I am glad we have no children yet maybe he will wear out on me....Your thinking?

  5. Ronnie is writing about something here that we have all observed. Personally I think it is just in a man's makeup to give an answer like that. LOL! When you men get together and provide us with a 'real' answer, I will be satisfied. Until then, I mostly live in a world of feast or famine, just like the rest of the women around here.



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