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Domestic Discipline Appreciation & Reaffirmation

Anytime is a great time to recommit to our loved ones. Planning that special evening together or a gift that says I Love You? Nothing says I Love You more then showing your loved one how much you appreciate them! And this is a great time of year to reaffirm a DD Household Commitment. Concentrating on what has brought you to whatever point you are currently traversing along on your own individual pathway, and how far each person has come, is a beautiful way to show your appreciation for your partner. That's right, it's DD Appreciation & Reaffirmation Days!

Appreciation is inspiring and contagious and as a HoH I can share that it's what most of us love feeling and hearing from our TiH loved ones. TiHs need appreciation just as much if not more! And what better way to celebrate this time of year... then to appreciate each other and reaffirm our commitment to one another and our DD marriage or relationship! 
It's the perfect time to take a moment and say "Thank you, I love you and I appreciate everything you do for us." And what better time to not only say how much you love and appreciate your loved one, but show them.
What you decide to do is of course based on what you already know works best in your relationship and what your partner enjoys most. Sharing how you appreciate your partner is

This DD Appreciation Days / DD Reaffirmation post was planned to coincide with Valentines Day, and to follow the Domestic Discipline Characteristics article that included a suggestion for reaffirming commitment. This post simply suggests having a discussion including:

* a look back to what your relationship like before DD

* the beginning of one's DD Dynamic

* where a couple is now and the positive changes that have occurred

* and a reaffirmation and commitment to the individual Domestic Discipline Characteristics & Core Values of a relationship moving forward into the future.

What a nice combination it would be to enjoy a wonderful Valentines Day together and reaffirm all the positive changes, the dedication it takes to be where a couple is now and the changes that have come along since beginning a DD marriage or relationship dynamic. 
It's a wonderful look at where it all began, where are we now and a beautiful commitment to each other into the future.
It's our hope that a few bloggers, will share with their readers, their own loving story of the positive changes their DD relationship has made since they have begun their DD dynamic. No blog, no problem. Even if you've never posted here before, I cordially invite you to share your thoughts and celebrate with everyone :) Planning a special night out, a nice dinner at home or something unique to your relationship?
It's just a fantastic time of the year to share with each other about our upcoming plans and/or how they worked out! :)

If you haven't taken the time to build your own DD Relationship Core Values by exploring personal Ethics,  here's a link to the previous post here on ADDS that includes a suggestion for building your own specific DD Relationship Characteristics / Core Values >>
>> Domestic Discipline Relationship Characteristics: ETHICS are a Key to DD! 


  1. Anonymous2/13/2013

    Drop the kids off at my parents for an overnight visit (yay!) and then a dinner at our favorite restaurant and back home for a night of sexy stuff and sensual spanking. We did the discussion from the last post Sunday. The reconnect and getting back to "us" was what we needed. I think we will talk about what you mentioned about before now and future of DD together when we are at dinner.
    Thank you for all of these ideas and information this site has helped us in many ways! Ben & Sherry

    1. Sexy stuff AND sensual spanking... sounds like you have a steamy evening planned :) And you're welcome, I appreciate the kind comments.

  2. Hello Mr. BBSpanker!
    We went through our DD list last weekend and added some more things that hubby Jack would be in control of. Slowly but surely he's taking over the responsibilities. He now is in charge of my bedtime curfew. It is a blessing - I can never get myself off to bed on time! I also now ask permission for all spending. He is great at keeping the budget! So now it's Valentine's Spanking day and then all the good stuff after!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and everyone here!
    Jack's Jill

  3. Happy Valentines Day Jack and Jill!
    Slowly but surely is absolutely the best way to begin. It looks like you have a plan and process in place to incrementally bring the DD dynamic into your existing relationship!

    1. Thanks Mr. BB!
      I can hardly remember how things were before we discovered the joys of domestic discipline.
      Happy Valentine's day!!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, MrBB! I love your idea of using Valentine's day to appreciate and reaffirm as well. I may just have to bring that up.

    I actually just recently shared our changes since DD on my blog, but in short, the best is probably that we're closer than we were before starting the dynamic and I think we both have a better idea of what it is that we want.

    Plans? We're long distance, but hoping to squeeze in something fun (and romantic) when we're together this weekend

    1. Hi Riley,
      I read your post (Blogiversary - Reflections) , it's a very insightful look back and reaffirmation after a year of living within a DD relationship and where you & Cael are as you move into the future. Have a great Valentines celebration this weekend! :)

  5. Hi MrBBS! Happy Valentine's Day to you and everyone in blog land! Sliding in late here, but I'm far from home and Rob, visiting with elderly relatives, and then on to have some fun with some great friends! I don't have time to go around and comment, but want to say thanks to everyone in this community! Even though Rob and I are miles apart in distance right now, we are closer than ever and his presence and love has come through in spades today! We are one happy couple after almost 25 years of marriage! It's funny because I notice a bunch of friends and relatives have picked up on it recently- and apparently we are "the cutest couple ever", "a great couple", etc! Well all I know is that I love that man more than ever! I may not have a blog right now, and I won't bore you with the changes this time... Just thanks everyone because though many things have contributed, a community of strangers that blog and make me think are pretty special! <3.



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