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Domestic Discipline Book Club & DD Friendly Authors

Introducing the first ever DD Book Reviewer, also all and new DD Friendly Author links. The DD Friendly Authors / DD Book Club blog list was made to make it easier then ever to find a fiery DD fiction book by a great DD Fiction and Spanking Romance genre author!

A Domestic Discipline Society would like to recommend DD Fiction Authors who are both DD Friendly and who are sharing and supportive of the DD community. Here they are, visit them all...

Let your DD imagination fly!

 Looking for a book to get your imagination flying and steamy hot thoughts flowing?
 The DD Friendly / DD Book Club Blog & Site list and recurring posts will make it easier to find just what you're looking for.... and more!   

DD Friendly Authors:

Alice Dark ~ Bent Alice - Licks and Lashes

Ava Grace - The Beauty of Submission

Bratty Adaline - Adaline Raine, spanking romance author looking for her muse

Breanna Hayse - Romance stories, spanking, DD, D/s, ageplay & real life D/s household

Cara Bristol - Erotic stories to light your fire...

Corinne Alexander -  Book Reviews & soon to be Author

Cassandre Dayne - Dare to Take the Plunge

Katherine Dean Adventures in Romance, fantasy, adventure & spanking romance

Kathryn R Blake - A Writers Naughty Thoughts, little bit sweet, little bit sexy a lot a bit Naughty

Kelly Dawson Author - Married, mother, we make time for what we love
Lisa Simons: Discipline Desired - Domestic Discipline lifestyle & Spanking genre fiction
Mary Wehr -  Sexy Spanking Romance
Patty Devlin - Pooky's Story, Learning I go, I'll share my Domestic Discipline story with you
Renee Rose - Spanking stories,  Because no romance story is complete without a spanking

Rollin Hand - Disciplinary Tales, erotic spanking fiction, intriguing plots, memorable characters and hot action
Ruth Staunton - Spanking Fiction, Because sometimes love needs to be a little more hands on…

Sadey Quinn - writes erotic, kinky fiction, for your pleasure

Celeste Jones - Spanking stories where naughty bottoms meet firm hands...and other things.

Sue Lyndon - Pleasure, pain and a whole lotta heart!

Are you a DD Friendly Author & would like to be part of this talented group of writers? Contact MrBB
The DD Book Club:Introducing the first ever DD Lifestyle Book Reviewer!
 As part of the progression of this recurring post to celebrate and inform, ADDS has been looking for just the right person to Review DD based or focused books! We wanted a place where readers could come and find Reviews that included a distinctively focused look at the DD Lifestyle content of a book. I researched for six months, came close once or twice but could not find a reviewer like this or a place where DD focused reviews were all a reviewer was focused on. So ADDS is breaking new ground again and introducing the first dedicated DD Lifestyle Book Reviewer ever! ADDS is the Home for Everything DD, and that includes bringing you Everything from a DD lifestyle perspective.I would like to introduce Catrinka as the first ever DD Lifestyle Book Reviewer. Not only is Cat, as she's known, a wonderfully sweet person, she lives a DD life with her caring and loving HoH Alec. I had the pleasure of getting to know Cat and Alec since they were part of The DD Community Chat Room from the beginning.  I was so impressed with their approach and knowledge of the DD lifestyle dynamic, that I asked if they would help Moderate the chat room. They graciously accepted and have been integral in welcoming and supporting a growing family of people who come to The DD Chat Room.While having a conversation with Alec, I mentioned how hard it's been to find just the perfect person to write DD Reviews for the ADDS site. He mentioned that Cat loves everything about the genre, is a huge fan and reads everything she can get her hands on! I talked to Cat at length on the subject and the first ever DD Lifestyle Book Reviewer was born!  I couldn't be happier. 
If you are an author and have a book with DD content to be submitted for review, please email me here > Contact MrBBPlease use the Subject Line "DD Book Club" Tell us all about your book but don't send a copy with the first email. We'll send an email and let you know where you can send your information for Cat to review. She is an avid reader of the genre and there's a good chance she might even have your book already! :)   We are going to be sharing information about books that have DD content. We are looking for the best books with DD content to present to the DD community.   .............................................................................................................

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  1. Hi Mr BB,

    What a great addition to the ADDS site! Wonderful story by Angela :)


  2. Thanks Roz. This is an area that is being expanded here on ADDS. The next DD Friendly / DD Book Club post will have a review sharing a book that will be interesting for the DD community. We hope to also begin having a "Meet the Author" style night connected to these posts in The DD Chat Room, if the author would like to do something like that :)


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