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HoH & TiH Domestic Discipline Discussion: The DD Chat Room Community Sit Down Discussion

** This weeks general DD Topic is a week long Q&A session. Bring up whatever is on your mind, ask questions & bring up DD focused discussion topics you have been thinking of recently.

Tonight's DD Topic is "Why did you choose a DD Relationship"

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Tonight's DD Topic with Bob from the blog Thoughts On TTTWD is,
 "Why did you choose a DD Relationship over a vanilla one?"


  1. To get rid of my angry outbursts and my HoH truly feeling like he was the leader, instead of him having to feel like he needed to walk on egg shells and do my bidding.

    1. thats my reason I would want it in the future too.

    2. I need to control my anger

  2. Anonymous3/20/2014

    Well unfortunately, I haven't found the other half yet. I just know it is the lifestyle I want. I'll keep searching for her.

  3. Goldielocks5/17/2014

    At first to save our marriage and to find the two best friends and lovers that we were for each other when we first married.

  4. To save my marriage

  5. It was introduced to us by some friends. We researched it. Tried it and never went back.

  6. A friend shared her story. I took it home and my husband and I researched it. Decided to try and never looked back.


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