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Domestic Discipline: New DD Blogs & All Sharing DD Blogs

Here are the NEWest Sharing Domestic Discipline Blog award winners! There are both new and established DD Bloggers listed here who are part of the growing community of Sharing DD Bloggers.
Continue to see NEW & ALL Sharing DD Bloggers with short descriptions and links...

Established DD Bloggers: New Sharing DD Blog Award:
A Uniquely Different Life
Brand new DD Bloggers who are Sharing DD Blog award winners:

This is a list of ALL Domestic Discipline Blogs, both new & established, who are a part of a community that share their distinctly DD lifestyle dynamic with all of us. 
Even though I have been a part of the DD & DD Friendly community for many years, I  just recently started writing this blog and all of the people here have been kind enough to share not only "links" with me, but also friendship and support. There are also many more sharing DD Friendly Blogs, and they're listed at the top of the DD Friendly Blog list. We are all ONE large caring community and always have been. If you'd like to become a sharing friend of our rapidly growing and supportive community, please contact me :)

ALL Sharing DD Blogs:

A Uniquely Different Life - Our journey into DD to make our marriage wonderful

Ami's Star Song -  This is the story of our domestic discipline journey. I hope you'll stay awhile and share in some of our adventures.

Barney Married Wilma - We have been together for almost 2 decades. Our castle unfortunately over time, the King gave up his throne and the Queen took over- resulting in roommates, more than a happy couple.  

Blondie's Blog - This is my story: I have been married to my very loving husband for 22 years. We have stumbled through the valleys and soared over the peaks. From the bedroom and now to the rest of the house, I am submissive to my husband.

Cowgirl Up I've been married to my true love and best friend for many years. I introduced the whole idea of having a Domestic Discipline Marriage earlier this year. We would never dream of going back....

Elle's World - I'm a firewife to an amazing husband and this is all about our new life in DD, we jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back. I'm married to my best friend for almost 7 years. 

Jack and Jill - We are Jack and Jill. A loving couple, married 22 years. We found a place about Domestic Discipline and are hoping this will make our sailing much smoother, calmer, happier and filled with more respect and love.

Journey of Love and Submission - A road I am travelling of submission to my husband.Thanks for stopping by. Pull up a chair, I will put the jug on while you read about 'The Silence' and I in our new DD lifestyle.

My Love's beautiful lady - We have a great relationship, but we have recently decided to change our dynamic and incorporate domestic discipline. This is our tale

My Personal Thinking Spot - Hi! My name is Julia. I am married to DH, and after years of marriage decided to integrate something new into our marriage. This is my spot to think, write about things I find interesting, describe successes and failures, and get and give advice.

Our Decidedly Different Journey - Our journey through life, marriage and DD

Roller Coaster Ride of Spanking & Submission - Just a girl interested in Domestic Discipline, spanking, and submission

Roz in his Hands - I am in a loving committed relationship with my man. We have recently embarked on a journey of domestic discipline and these are our stories of me being in his hands...

Rules to Love By There is no secret formula – we learn and grow as we go. We live and love by OUR rules.

Steven and Emma - We are just another couple living a Ds/DD marriage. Our home is lead by a strong man who honors his wife with discipline and love.

The Dish with Ward and June   Exploring traditional male-led, DD, D/s relationships in the modern world  

Vanilla Extract -  I've been at this lifestyle for months now and can't wait to see where it takes Cael and I next; it always brings something new.

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  1. Anonymous1/06/2013

    Thanks Mr. BBS for keeping us aware of what's new and thanks for listing our blog.

  2. Wow. I don't know what to say. I'm honored. Thank you so much for including me.

  3. Anonymous1/06/2013

    Thanks so much for the honour and the shout out!


  4. Hi Mr BB, Thank you for the update and for listing our blog. I will definitely look at the forum too.


  5. Congrats I the new sharing dd blog award winners :)

  6. Thank you for putting the new blogs up. The more readers, the more support!


  7. Anonymous1/07/2013

    Congrats to the new award winners!


  8. Congrats to the new award winners :) And thanks MrBB for putting up the new ones and for listing our blogs :)

  9. Thank you so very much for a deep Honor. It i s a true pleasure interacting with everyone in the DD/TTWD community! From the bottom of our hearts June and I wish everyone the best!

  10. Thanks so much for the award and the honor. You do such a nice job of presenting Dd information for everyone to learn from. This is a real resource.

  11. Lillie, TL, MLBL, Roz, Tricia, Elle, Susie, Wilma, Steven&Emma, M3, Ward & Zoe.... thank you all for coming by and welcoming the new established Sharing DD Blogs. Welcoming our new friends is an especially warm part of this supportive community!
    I hope some of the new Sharing DD Blogs post a quick post about what it's like to blog about our lifestyle, and possibly nudge their readers to consider blogging about their DD lifestyle :)

  12. What's wonderful about blogging is reading the changes we make, the experiences we have and how we move on and develop.
    Thanks for "having us here" MrBB.
    I would like a question/answer page here.
    There are always questions and it would be nice to get some
    answers from you and others who might have found a solution to a problem through experience.

    very best wishes
    Jack's Jill


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