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Spanking & Domestic Discipline Desires - ReOpening the Door

November 9th 2012, a freelance writer named Jillian Keenan had an essay style article published in the Fashion & Style section of  The New York Times online site. November 11th the article was published in the NYT Sunday newspaper. There was a lot of online discussion that followed about how people have come out or would like reveal a spanking need or fetish or their desires to bring spanking into a relationship with a Domestic Discipline lifestyle dynamic. ADDS published the Keenan article with a link to the NYT here on ADDS. Then there was a follow up to the article. Then I wrote a 360 degree look at the subject titled Coming Out about Spanking and Revealing Domestic Discipline Desires.

One of the most received questions through A Domestic Discipline Society discussion groups and this site is, "How do I tell my partner about spanking or DD desires?" These emails usually account for around 20% of the emails I get. Last November that went up to well over 50% of the questions I received. 
Many of the people who wrote for advice or friendly suggestions have since come out to their loved ones and I'm happy to report they are on their way to incorporating spanking "play" into their lives and/or the DD lifestyle dynamic into their relationships. And a few have even begun blogging about their experience.

Since "coming out or how to tell someone" has always been an ongoing subject in the lifestyle community, and I'm still getting a higher number of emails then usual on the subject, I decided to revisit and also make it the second column for a new online lifestyle newspaper.
Last November a member of an ADDS discussion group approached me after reading this site. They asked if I would be interested in writing a Domestic Discipline Information column for a new online newspaper and I was happy to help. Based on the 2006 ADDS description, I wrote the Defining Domestic Discipline article which is the first universal Domestic Discipline Lifestyle description free of the boundaries of relationship specifics, gender, religious or sexual preference. I then published and posted it in a few different places where the response has been 100% positive and appreciative. 

The second issue of  The Erotic Times has just been released and I felt a natural follow up to the "Defining Domestic Discipline" article is "Coming Out about Spanking and Revealing Domestic Discipline Desires" It also goes well with the New Year and new beginnings and remains an important and often discussed issue in the community.

Open > Coming Out about Spanking and Revealing Domestic Discipline Desires.

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  1. Anonymous1/11/2013

    It is amazing how many places we are seeing elements of the dd lifestyle discussed in mainstream venues.
    Thanks always, Mr. BBSpanker for always making these topics available for reference.

    1. We're very slowly becoming a little more mainstream again with each passing year.

  2. I agree with Lillie, it is amazing where dd is appearing nowdays. Congrats on publication on the article and the great responses.

    Thank you as always for the wonderful information and resources you provide.


    1. Hi Roz! Thank you and you're very welcome :)

  3. Thank you Mr BBspanker for so many great resources!
    You were a catalyst in my own "coming out". My husband and I have already implemented many of your suggestions to suit our relationship. For us, knowing that tools, advice and support are available were the very things that gave us the courage to change our dynamic.
    While the steps we are taking right now seem small, the results have been huge!
    Again, many thanks!

    1. Catrinka, that touches my heart, thank you :)


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