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50 Shades of Grey E! Entertainment & Our America with Lisa Ling TV Show Alerts

*UPDATE with VIDEO LINK*  & MEDIA ALERT with Times & Listings here* 
Our America w/ Lisa Ling "50 Shades of Kink" on OWN & 
E! Entertainment Television is airing an E! Special "The Real 50 Shades of Grey" It's described as The complicated relationships between real-world Dominants and Submissives.

Update for Our America
Our America with Lisa Ling
re-airing "Shades of Kink"
Lisa Ling goes beyond the best-selling fantasy novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, to explore the real world of BDSM: bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sado-masochism. What she finds is a kinky truth far more complicated than fiction.
Since it's on OWN it will be repeated several times, check local listings.

While seemingly vanilla couple Monica and Keith both enjoy BDSM, Monica struggles to assume the submissive role when they play. In an attempt to work the kinks out of their kink, they head to "La Domaine," a BDSM bed and breakfast where they receive advice from two experts in domination and submission. VIDEO links > Couple at Bed n Breakfast discussing difficulty with her submitting

There are six more video snippets of the show and some deleted scenes that can be found using the link above.
from the PRESS RELEASE for E! Special:
E! News’ Alicia Quarles Hosts One-Hour Exposé Premiering Tuesday, January 22 at 9:00pm ET/PT
Los Angeles, CA January 17, 2013 – Whether shock, excitement or simply curiosity, it seems that everyone has a strong reaction to the bestselling erotic book trilogy that includes Fifty Shades of Grey", Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Having sold more than 60 million copies worldwide, the series set the record as the fastest-selling paperback of all time. What is it about the provocative lifestyle of the protagonists that has readers throughout the world riveted? Is it the non-traditional sex, the excitement of the unknown, or simply the story of love between two people expressed in a unique way? Hosted by E!’s Alicia Quarles, this one-hour special features commentary from therapists, authors and other experts about the practice, and also profiles the real-life experiences of couples who follow this lifestyle. Don’t miss a fascinating look at what used to be a very secret world in the E! Special “The Real 50 Shades of Grey" premiering Tuesday, January 22 at 9:00pm ET/PT, only on E!
In this special, real-life practitioners open up about the BDSM lifestyle. Viewers find out how they got involved, what the challenges of this lifestyle are and what they tell their families and friends about their choices. The show also looks into a high-profile case in which the sex game turned dangerous for the players, and experts weigh in on the risks and dangers of the lifestyle, and what participants must do in order to remain safe, both physically and psychologically. Find out how the “business” of bondage is growing too, as an instructor discusses the popular classes that are filling up with individuals and couples eager to enter this sexually-charged world.
Whether you find it shocking or exciting, you’ll definitely find this all-new exposé to be an hour of stimulating viewing. 
I was impressed that the E! Special looked at D/s relationships from varied views and is kind of a tame beginners guide to D/s and some common general lifestyle ideas. While Domestic Discipline is a stylized D/s relationship of sorts, I was less impressed that even though they had several authors and "experts" ,no one connected to anything other then D/s, BDSM and some light Master/slave ideas. I was disappointed but not surprised that Domestic Discipline didn't even get a single mention.

They had a few couples that talked a little bit about what could be in part a DD style relationship foundation and presented ideas more along what many would describe as some more BDSMish aspects. I would suggest it as something to watch if you're newer to the lifestyle community and record it for discussion purposes.  I would think it's also interesting for those more experienced  and did have some informative snippets throughout. 
For instance, I didn't know that rope sales have gone up over 150 % since the release of 50 Shades of Grey. There were other very interesting facts about "Coming Out", the percentage of people who are public vs private and ramifications of being public and the workplace. (loss of job and promotion)  
The program also touched on Safe-words, Safety, Safe Sane & Consensual, consensual vs abuse, hard limits, sub-space, contracts and other common general lifestyle ideas.   
Since the show is only one hour they were unable to go in depth on any one subject but they did a nice job getting a lot of general information into the hour.

I just finished watching it and am going to watch it again and update this post.
For those interested it is going to be re-aired a few more times on the E! Entertainment Channel.

Thursday 1-31 @ 9pm EST (New York/ East coast US time)
Sunday    2-3  @ 3pm EST
Tuesday   2-5  @ 9am EST
Saturday   2-9 @ 7am EST
Saturday   2-9 @ 4pm EST
Friday      2-15 @ 10am EST
Thursday 2-21 @ 9pm EST
Keep checking back, we'll update each time there is a new listing.

E! online site to locate shows for US and UK http://www.locatetv.com/listings/e-entertainment-television

I'll looked for other international listings but was unable to find more then US & UK at time of post.

I looked for You Tube video and E! online video but there was none available at time of post.

I am in the process of researching & writing a 50 Shades of Grey & the impact on Domestic Discipline article, but I didn't want to publish it unfinished and did want to get this information out to the ADDS readers. If you find more information or video, please let me know and I'll update this article right away.

* Have you read 50 Shades of Grey?  What did you think?
* What do you feel the impact has been on you, DD or the entire lifestyle community?
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  1. Thanks BB Spanker, I will probably check it out. I am in a relationship that has dynamics of M/s, D/s, DD and we are just recently looking at refocusing a bit more on DD. Neither of us have read 50 shades and from what I've heard about probably won't. My impression of it's impact has been an increase of people wanting to be cool....its of wannabes with no clue have swamped sites like FetLife since the book .
    Just my 2 cents.

  2. But on the positive side it has become more acceptable and if it reaches more people and it works for them like it works for us then then I applaud media and more books like this!

  3. We all started out as wannabes at one time or another. You have to start somewhere. I think most people are a little kinky but are afraid people will think they are weird or sick.

  4. Anonymous1/28/2013

    Hi Mr. BB :)
    I think you will find your subject matter very interesting, as this book is quite a cultural phenomenon. I haven't read it, and don't plan to. Ian hasn't read it, so I don't think it would have had any impact on our dd relationship.
    The blogging community here would have had much more of an impact that any piece of fiction, I would think.
    Let us know when your book is finished - I would love to read it.

  5. I have not read the books, and honestly have no desires to read the books, but I would watch the discussion on TV if it was available to me at a time I could watch. Interesting how this subject has taken hold of the public since the books came out.

  6. I read it. I believe that it helped people feel free to embrace things once considered politically 'incorrect.' If you had any desires or thoughts regarding any aspect of TTWD before--- a person just hid. Now conversations have opened.

  7. I read it and it ultimately was what led me here. I found myself googling different aspects of the story, found some blogs and websites and let it go. I revisited the websites, googled to find more, and brought the idea of DD to my husband.

    I liked the books, liked the story line, hated the grammar and typos in the book and all of the "murmuring" or whatever it was, lol. Without the books, I wouldn't be here. My marriage wouldn't be as amazing as it is now and I wouldn't have my online blog family. :)

  8. Exactly as Elle said - my fantasies were so hidden - even from myself - the book helped open up the idea for me, which led me to google, which led me to blogs... and my marriage is amazing now too. I am glad and grateful that the book helped to open people up to some of the options out there - but I didn't think the book was well written nor did I like the idea that the main character was "50 shades of f****ed up." I think that there are a lot of well adjusted people who like the D/s, BDSM, DD dynamics, the author didn't need to justify the need to be a Dom with a back story of an abusive childhood... I also found the storyline implausible but to be honest I bought and read the next two books of the series to read the sex scenes more than the story...just my 2 cents...

  9. I began my "research" prior to the 50 Shades craze. It was the books and the cultural response to them that gave me the courage to come out to my husband. The perceived kink factor was just too intimidating for this former mini van driving, PTA, soccer mom. Boy, have I been enlightened! Since beginning Dd, neither of us if afraid to discuss "taboo" subjects. We have embraced a very different kind of intimacy. Even if we were to choose to remove the discipline aspect, we couldn't go back to what we had before Dd. It's changed us and our relationship dynamic.

  10. I watched both shows and found them interesting. Like or dislike the 50 Shades books, they have been a major piece of the puzzle that has opened up discussions & parts of the media that wouldn't have been happening in the same way just a few years ago.

  11. Thanks for posting the links. There was a U.K documentary on 50 shades which included interviews with couples into the 'lifestyle'. Will be interesting to see how they compare...

  12. I have read the book, and it is kinda choppy and literary rough. But it is a "stepping" stone for some to explore and at least talk about experiences and fantasies to there partners. So for what it's worth to the vanalia world.... Good job to the author.


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