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Domestic Discipline: One DD World Community

ADDS researches deep into all areas of the Domestic Discipline lifestyle community and raises vital questions for community discussion and growth. There is something happening over the years that has been a little puzzling. There seems to be a separation between those who frequent blogs and people who prefer to go on adult discussion groups. This has caused a void of information between the two venues of information. Although with cross-over blogs like this one and others the chasm is closing. But, why is there still any gap? We are ONE DD World Community.
The Domestic Discipline relationship choice is something unique to each person and couple.
And, it seems so is the choice for where people seek information about Domestic Discipline.
But why do some people researching, stay in one area instead of branching out to find information from different venues?  

Since the advent of Windows 95 when personal computers became affordable for households across the world,  many people sought out and joined adult discussion boards. There are still Yahoo boards up and running and there were MSN World boards and Google had boards available for awhile, but the MSN & Google ones went away in time. The discussion boards were wildly inconsistent depending on the person running them.
When adult discussion and meet-up sites started, they became more used and popular. The ones where a person puts up a profile, shares what they are looking for, not looking for, maybe some pictures of themselves, join groups that interest them and begin reading and discussing topics from those groups. There was also a lot of info being shared about local munches and coffee clutches happening all over the world. If you were near a major metropolitan area, you could actually find people who were interested in what you were. Or at least something close to what you were interested in hopefully. And of course with all he discussion threads and topics being presented, that meant more and more information being shared.

When blogging started to become more popular and DD style blogs began to pop up occasionally, it took awhile for any one of them to catch on. The most popular DD focused blogs from years ago only summoned a minimal amount of traffic compared to how many readers are attracted today. And there are so many more DD blogs being written now then in the past. Proof that the DD lifestyle dynamic is growing and growing fast. Blogs have become a viable source of information on several levels for those interested to learn about DD relationships, information and practices.

As blogging has become more popular and adult discussion groups have also grown, there has been some cross over but there is also a separation that is clearly seen by those of us with a foot in both worlds.

A Domestic Discipline Society is everywhere there are people who are interested to learn and share their knowledge about the reality of what a DD relationship dynamic is all about. That includes many sites that have come and gone through the years. I knew there would be an ADDS blog someday also and saved the URL addy back in 2008, placing one Index page on it in 2009 and actively began writing it in 2012. This has been a successful endeavor in sharing real and experienced information about DD and in crossing the boundaries between blogland and the discussion groups.

When I started the ADDS site, there were a lot of people who came over to begin reading here from the ADDS discussion groups. And with that came people saying, "I found the ADDS site from "XYZ" site but don't tell anyone I'm on one of  those sites" I never share info anyway, but I did wonder what the big secret was all about. If someone judges another person for where they get their information... that's not the fault of the first person. The more bloggers who kept telling me they were also on adult discussion sites, but not to tell anyone, the more I wondered why.
I have been reading lifestyle blogs and even studying some DD blogs for many years and moderating many DD discussion groups,  a social site, chat rooms etc, for a very long time. There are pluses and minuses in both areas. Why not utilize all the pluses and work together to reduce the minuses?  I had my own thoughts as to why people who were a part of blogland didn't want others to know they are "those" sites. People from the discussion sites felt that those who were more into blogland were judgmental... and people from blogland were afraid their friends would find out they were on the adult discussion sites. I know people from both neighborhoods and can say with confidence, neither side is judgmental and neither area actually believe they're above or below another.

It's time to dissolve the myths perpetuated in the media from June 19th DD Black Wednesday and the difference in opinions from blogland and discussion groups like Fetlife and others. We are all one DD Community. This is an opportunity as a growth period. There are strengths from both areas that can help the other. And it's not like there should even be any separation. In reality people from across the DD Community are some of the most open, understanding and tolerant people on the planet. We have had to deal with people from outside the community not understanding us and worry if someone found out, how would that reflect on our work or home life. When someone finds the Chat DD Room they're so relieved to find people they can communicate with about their thoughts. They are no longer alone. 
The DD Community Chat Room has actually been a nice cross over spot. People from different areas of the community come in and chat, and everyone there is meshing together wonderfully.

Just as the DD community is continuing to blend together and become more accepting of others for differences and commonalities, we need to continue to work and communicate together as One DD World Community!
As a beginning, this article is being cross posted on the ADDS Fetlife discussion group and ADDS blog. Comment on both if you're up to it, let's see who gets more comments!

   Why is there any difference and how do we close that gap completely as one DD community?

Chat Room InfoChat Room Info & Overview
ADDS on Fetlife >>  ADDS Fetlife Discussion Group
(The Fetlife discussion group is being used first, because there are 7,000 registered members there who are not shy to share their thoughts & the ADDS FL group is the single largest DD group of any kind in the world)     
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  1. Hi Mr. BB, very interesting observations about the cross over (or lack of) between blogs and online forums. I admit, I frequent blogs more than discussion forums. For me it's mainly lack of time for both.


    1. Hi Roz,
      It is time consuming to keep up with both, that's for sure.

  2. I stick to blogs because forums are much more time consuming. I can read a blog and reply if I feel I have something to add. In fact, I don't have to even finish reading a post if it doesn't interest me. It's a better use of my time, which I usually don't have much to spare.


  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Holla :)

  4. Anonymous11/26/2013

    I'm the same way, Mr. BB.
    It's the matter of time. I wish there were a few more hours in the day.
    But for right now, I mainly stick with the blogs.

    But I do love the idea of the forums, and bringing the community together. Hopefully, I can do both soon.

  5. I join and participate wherever and whenever I want or can. If I am absent for awhile, it usually means that I do not have time to spare on the computer. I don't think that anyone judges me and if they do, oh well.


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