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The DD Friendly Authors / DD Book Club blog list is here to make it easier then ever to find a fiery DD/Spanking Romance fiction book by a great DD/ Spanking Fiction genre author!  A Domestic Discipline Society would like to recommend DD Fiction Authors who are both DD Friendly and who are sharing and supportive of the DD community. Here they are, visit them all...

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DD & DD Friendly Authors:

Alice Dark - Bent Alice - Licks and Lashes

Ava Grace - The Beauty of Submission

Bratty Adaline - Adaline Raine, spanking romance author looking for her muse

Breanna Hayse - Romance stories, spanking, DD, D/s, ageplay & real life D/s household

Cara Bristol - Erotic stories to light your fire...

Corinne Alexander -  Book Reviews & soon to be Author

Cassandre Dayne - Dare to Take the Plunge

Devlin O'Neil Books - Musings, Mutterings, Pontifications of Renowned Romance Author
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Katherine Dean Adventures in Romance, fantasy, adventure & spanking romance

Kathryn R Blake - A Writers Naughty Thoughts, little bit sweet, little bit sexy a lot a bit Naughty

Kelly Dawson Author - Married, mother, we make time for what we love
Leigh Smith - Writer of Romance with a Kink
Lisa Simons: Discipline Desired - Domestic Discipline lifestyle and Spanking fiction
Mary Wehr -  Sexy Spanking Romance
Patricia Green - Erotic Romance with a Sting
Patty Devlin - Pooky's Story ~ Learning as I go, I'll share my Domestic Discipline story with you
Renee Rose - Spanking stories,  Because no romance story is complete without a spanking
Rollin Hand - Disciplinary Tales, erotic spanking fiction, intriguing plots, memorable characters and hot action

Ruth Staunton - Spanking Fiction, Because sometimes love needs to be a little more hands on…

Sadey Quinn - writes erotic, kinky fiction, for your pleasure

Celeste Jones - Spanking stories where naughty bottoms meet firm hands...and other things.

Sue Lyndon - Pleasure, pain and a whole lotta heart!

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Introducing Lisa Simons and the very DD Book... Discipline Desired!

by Lisa Simons
You heard it first in 50 SHADES

Now read all about the reality in DISCIPLINE DESIRED

Discipline Desired is a fictional tale, based upon factual advice, information and experiences from real men and women living the Domestic Discipline lifestyle.

In over 90% of the men and women I spoke with, the Taken in Hand, (most often, but not always the female partner) was the person who suggested the idea to their spouse.

The TiH would often suggest/request the rules they have in place.

Those living the Domestic Discipline lifestyle would not choose to go back to their old way of doing things.

In my conversations, the inclusion of Domestic Discipline in all cases improved their marriage/relationship and in many cases saved their marriage.

The content however is mostly fact. . . . . .

. . . . As the spanking continued, as her bottom was turning red, all thoughts of the party and all those tasks still left undone melted away as her burning cheeks began to occupy her thoughts. . . .

Lisa’s marriage is heading for the rocks and there is nothing she can think of to avoid the impending crash of divorce until she discovers Domestic Discipline.

Lisa’s life and marriage are transformed when she asks her husband to assume the role of the Head of the Household. To hold her accountable to a set of agreed upon rules and to discipline her whenever she breaks them.
Is she crazy? A question many, who willingly put themselves in the same position, ask and to a one, answer NO. It works, it really works. 

Follow Lisa and John as they embark on their journey into Discipline and Punishment and judge for yourself... 

This book is for adult mature audiences only. 18 years of age and over only.
an excerpt from the book...

Lisa decided to go up to bed early. She usually did these days to avoid John when he turned in. As he sat in front of the TV, watching sports, she slipped up stairs without saying goodnight and got into bed. After a few minutes, tossing and turning, it was clear she was not going to sleep anytime soon. So she switched on her laptop, her fingers tapping the sides waiting for the thing to boot up. Finally, she thought, entering her favourite website for erotic stories into the search engine. Rather than go straight to the home page of the site as usual, she was offered a list of websites. Letting out a huge sigh in frustration she went to retype the site name, seeing that she had misspelt it first time around, when something caught her eye.

Q: What is a Domestic Discipline relationship?

A: Domestic Discipline is something that can and does work for many couples

Intrigued she entered Domestic Discipline into the search engine and started to read. The more she read the more she felt a connection and the more she wanted to find out.

Domestic Discipline refers to an agreement of rules and penalties between two partners as a corrective measure for specific misbehavior. It serves to encourage and preserve a harmonious and stable home environment by providing the means to express displeasure and to address contentious issues related to a spouse's behavior in a secure and controlled manner.

Ok, she thought, harmonious and stable home environment, perfect. A way to express displeasure and address contentious issues related to a spouse’s behaviour in a controlled manner. Ok that would relate to her behaviour and how John would express and deal with it. When she reread corrective measures for misbehaviours she felt a tingle.

She was surprised by John climbing into bed with her and she warmly returned his kiss and said,

‘Goodnight, sleep well,’ (and meant it) with barely a glance away from the screen. John smiled; surprised his wife was still up and returned his kiss no less. It didn’t take much to make him happy, just a contented wife and he was done.

Lisa continued to read. Lots of books were available but she wanted the information now, not to wait so she continued to search and came across a website filled with links to blogs and articles about all things Domestic Discipline. She noticed the time and reluctantly switched off the laptop and put it away. As she snuggled under the duvet, words from one article title she’d read was fresh in her mind,

 Spanking punishment, spanking discipline, spanking maintenance, spanking erotic.

For the first time in ages her hand slipped between her thighs and within no time at all she let out a sigh of pleasure and had one of the best night’s sleeps she had had in a long time.
Here's our very own, DD Book Reviewer ... Cat!
Discipline Desired by Lisa Simons
Review by Cat
Great Read
It’s clear that Lisa Simons has done the research in their first domestic discipline book.
Discipline Desired follows the story of Lisa and John as the struggle to find harmony in their marriage. Lisa is a career woman whose desire is to let go of the stress and animosity that she bring home to her marriage. John is a stay at home husband who wants his loving wife back. So begins the introduction of domestic discipline. The challenges and successes Lisa and John face makes their story highly believable. The discipline components are realistic and the re-connection hot.
One of the greatest surprises is in the story is that Lisa finds information, friendship and support from an online chat room much like our very own ADDS chat room!
There’s room for this story to continue and it’s my hope that we’ll see a book 2 in the future.
Get your copy now,  follow the US or UK links to Amazon near the top right on the Lisa Simons blog
LINK >>>>>  Lisa Simons Discipline Desired
UPDATE!   ~  Discipline Desired is now in paper back!

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