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Domestic Discipline Blogs: New and All Sharing Domestic Discipline Blogs

 All Sharing Domestic Discipline Blogs! And NEWest Sharing DD Blogs. This is a friendly award of appreciation. These are distinctively DD Blogs who share their DD lifestyle journey and are part of the rapidly growing community of Sharing DD Bloggers.

Sharing Domestic Discipline Blogs

Sharing DD Blogs are listed atop the ALL Domestic Discipline Blogs blogroll, are also listed on the ALL Domestic Discipline Blogs blogroll, they are both new & established blogs, and are a part of a community that share their distinctly DD lifestyle dynamic with all of us. The Sharing DD Blog award is simply a friendly show of appreciation to those who freely share their individual version of their distinctly DD lifestyle & share links with ADDS and other DD Blogs. Sharing links with DD blogs and DD Friendly blogs makes researching easier for the reader to continue reading and learning from the whole community. 

There are also many more sharing DD Friendly Blogs, and they're listed at the top of the DD Friendly Blog list. We are all ONE large caring community and always have been. If you would like to become part of our rapidly growing and supportive community of Sharing DD and DD Friendly bloggers, please contact me :)


All Sharing DD Blogs / Recommended DD Blogs:

A Uniquely Different Life - Our journey into DD to make our marriage wonderful

Ami's Star Song -  This is the story of our domestic discipline journey. Stay awhile & share.

A former wild child -  turned submissive wife, mother, hopelessly in love.

awesome feeling of love We practice DD and have learned that it helps us a lot.

Blondie's Blog - married 22yrs. Bedroom & rest of house, I am submissive to my husband.

Butterflys wants and Bumblebees needs - The greatest love we have ever known

Cowgirl Up... - Introduced having a DD Marriage. We're never going back....

cddtakeninhandstories - fictional stories by 3 women in online friendship,who love writing

Dancing with Drama and Discipline - DD enabled us keep expectations in perspective

DDLearninginlove - Trying to live a 1950's married life. Firm believers in DD.

Discipline & Love Blog - The blog page for the 'DISCIPLINE & LOVE' discussion forums

Domestic submission - A girl's quest for satisfaction!

Elle's World - All about our life in DD. I'm married to my best friend. It works for us.

Firm & Loving Domestic Discipline - A real life couple in loving domestic discipline

Fonzi & Erika - Blog about new journey together. Learning to communicate & focus on us

Guide Me Gently Not easy when used to getting your way and someone says, No More 

Handful of Honey - Wanted more, decided to start journey of DD together. Our marriage has taken on a whole new life, we feel connected, truly in love, cherished, Passionate!   

Her Desire, His Rules - Ordinary southern gal in DD relationship with my loving husband!

Him, Me and Us - Carving out a path including the use of DD to improve our marriage.

His Cheeky Sub - Married to best friend. Figuring out ttwd, d/s, dd, being submissive

His Devoted One Welcome to my journey . . .  Just another blog about a submissive girl. 

Jack and Jill - married 22 years. Loving couple, hit a place where we went up & down not forward. Jack steered the boat I made the waves. We found DD and sailing much smoother

Journey of Love and Submission Road I am travelling of submission to my husband. Pull up a chair, I'll put a jug on while you read about 'The Silence' and I in our DD lifestyle.

My Contented Home - A home dedicated to harmony through scripture & domestic discipline. 

My Love's beautiful lady - We have a great relationship, incorporated DD. This is our tale

One Gud Wife -  This is our CDD journey!

Our Journey with DD/ttwd - Sharing experiences & thoughts in a DD loving relationship

Roz in his hands - I am a professional woman who is in a loving committed relationship with my man. We have recently embarked on a journey of domestic discipline and these are our stories of me being in his hands...

Shades of Scarlet - I asked my husband to join me in this dynamic in May of 2014

She and Him - A wife sharing her experiences, ramblings and thoughts. I have a need to be held accountable for my actions and thankfully have a husband hold me accountable.

The DD Side of Things - Ins & outs of journey with my husband into our DD Lifestyle!

The Road Less Traveled - After 7 years of floundering... This is our DD journey.

The Taming of the Shrew -"Where there is submission there is freedom Where there is dominance there is responsibility. In both there is love." Dominance/submission, DD marriage

This Whole Thing - I introduced DD to my loving husband over 2 years ago 

Thoughts on TTWD Just a guy trying to figure TTWD/DD all out while having fun. Enjoyed a D/s relationship and now have built a strong DD marriage. Never been happier.

Under His Love and Protection It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. -Friedrich Nietzsche ... Started DD journey & are closer then ever

365 Days of Submitting to My Husband - Ongoing challenge to submit to my husband. I created the rules, I asked my husband to try DD with me.


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  1. Wow, this is an awesome list and great to see the number of new bloggers. Congratulations and welcome to blogland :)


    1. I remember way back when you were on the "NEW" list Roz :)
      You have such a wonderful blog, and you're such an adored part of our community! Thanks for your continued support of the entire DD Community, and for commenting here for all these new Sharing DD Bloggers.
      ~ MrBB


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