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A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS) / 10 Year Anniversary!

 10 year Anniversary of the very first ADDS discussion group! Now, ADDS is all over the internet and hosts the most viewed DD Resource site. 

This *ADDS* site is based on Domestic Discipline Education, Information and Knowledge sharing focused on HoHs & TiHs and those interested in ALL variations of real life Domestic Discipline lifestyles.

ADDS was founded by MrBBSpanker on June 26th, 2005 as a nonjudgmental place for everyone interested in the respectful DD relationship dynamic.
Since then ADDS has been responsible for pioneering terminology, definitions, descriptions, processes and overall DD resources of many types. Including The Free DD Guide for beginners and people re-setting their DD lifestyle ethos. 

This entire A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS) site is dedicated to providing definitive Domestic Discipline lifestyle information. The information found on this ADDS site is based on many years of experience and on the knowledge derived from countless singles and couples learning about Domestic Discipline as a respectful and consensual lifestyle choice over the past 20 years. Information is also developed from the thousands of ADDS members participating and sharing their knowledge on ADDS discussion groups over many years.

This ADDS site promises to continue providing definitive time proven Domestic Discipline information and descriptions of  DD terminologies, tools, concepts and practices. All information submitted here is written in an open, non-judgmental format and developed for ALL variations of  DD as a respectful and consensual lifestyle choice. The focus of this ADDS site is for new and experienced dominant Head of Household (HoH) partners and submissive Taken in Hand (TiH) partners in a DD lifestyle.

The lifestyle of DD lends itself  to open interpretation and is individualized by each person learning, or each couple starting or continuing to learn, about this ever unfolding and growing lifestyle choice. That's one of the beauties of the DD lifestyle. People change and evolve through time and with continued knowledge and communication their DD lifestyle develops along with them.

Because of the open nature of  Domestic Discipline as a consensual lifestyle choice, it can be difficult to find definitive and decisive information that can be used as a foundation to grow, and continue growing upon.
Through the years, DD off-shoots have gone by many different names and some people have even tried to usurp and use some of the more well known "titles", identifiers and acronyms for personal and monetary gain. Sadly, this can cause some difficulties and confusion, especially for newer people learning about DD.

This A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS) site will continue to provide definitive Domestic Discipline Information. The ADDS Glossary is dedicated to time proven DD descriptions and time tested ADDS Tools.

I look forward to the next 10 years and into the future beyond that...

Thank you to everyone through the years and all of you who have been very supportive.
I appreciate each one of you.

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SERIES > The ADDS Free DD Guide

SERIES > Beginning DD Research Series

The Opening Page, developed in 2005 & 2006 > Opening Page

The DD Definition > Defining Domestic Discipline / The DD Lifestyle Definition


  1. Congratulations Mr BB! That is awesome. A wonderful milestone :)


    1. Thank you Roz! You rock, my friend :)

  2. Congratulations on yet another major milestone. So glad this is here to help so many.

    1. Thanks Erika :)
      One of the aspects about ADDS that makes me the most proud, is exactly what you just mentioned. It's here to let people know they are not alone, and here to help people learn & share.

  3. Congratulations! I've been following for a several years and it's been great to see the growth of the site! I'm happy the site is available to all as a wonderful resource!

    1. Hi Becky!
      Nice to see you over here :)
      I always see you commenting over on the G+ side of ADDS lol
      And you nailed another aspect of why ADDS is growing for over ten years and the blog for almost 3 years. It is a non-judgmental DD Homepage full of information and an original yet traditional resource.

  4. Wonderful milestone, Congratulations MrBB.


    1. Thank you kindly Ronnie!
      And thank you and your wonderful blog for all your support the past couple years since the ADDS blog has been around :)


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