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Beginning A Domestic Discipline Marriage

IT's HERE! > Domestic Discipline: Beginning A Domestic Discipline Marriage

There is an upcoming article titled Beginning A Domestic Discipline Marriage. It's focused on what to do AFTER you or your partner "Come Out".  I went to publish it yesterday and it was lost into the great void beyond. lol
Be careful of the Preview and Draft features if you're in a hurry! I am re-writing the article from memory, experience and notes. I finished the re-write, it's being proof read and it will be posted here within the hour.
Please enjoy the other articles, resources and information until then. Thank you!
If I may suggest: If you read or re-read starting here, The ADDS Free DD Lifestyle Guide
beginning with the "Where to Start, Beginning your DD Lifestyle Together"
... you'll have a nice head start! :)

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