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Sharing DD Blogs are listed atop the ALL Domestic Discipline Blogs blogroll, are also listed on the ALL Domestic Discipline Blogs blogroll, they are both new & established blogs, and are a part of a community that share their distinctly DD lifestyle dynamic with all of us. The Sharing DD Blog award is simply a friendly show of appreciation to those who freely share their individual version of their distinctly DD lifestyle & share links with ADDS and other DD Blogs. Sharing links with DD blogs and DD Friendly blogs makes researching easier for the reader to continue reading and learning from the whole community. 
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Sharing DD Blogs / Recommended DD Blogs:

A Uniquely Different Life - Our journey into DD to make our marriage wonderful 

Ami's Star Song -  This is the story of our domestic discipline journey. I hope you'll stay awhile and share in some of our adventures.

A former wild child - A former wild child turned submissive wife. A mother and a woman hopelessly in love.

Beginning a life with DD I have asked my husband to explore domestic discipline with me in our marriage. I am beginning this blog not only for us to gain insight into our experience, but to learn from others.

Blondie's Blog - married 22 years. We stumbled through the valleys and soared over the peaks. From the bedroom and now to the rest of the house, I am submissive to my husband.

Butterflys wants and Bumblebees needs - “A bee to his butterfly, a butterfly to her bee; each is passion, what’s its name?” Domestic Discipline. The greatest love we have ever known

Cowgirl Up... - married for many years. I introduced having a Domestic Discipline Marriage. We would never dream of going back....

cddtakeninhandstories - fictional story site made up by 3 women that have bonded a great online friendship and who love writing.

Dancing with Drama and Discipline - Finding you, my other DD friends, has enabled me to keep his expectations as well as my own, in perspective!

Discipline & Love Blog - The blog page for the 'DISCIPLINE & LOVE' discussion forums 

Elisa's Will - A modern twist on traditional marriage

Elle's World - This is all about our new life in DD, we jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back. I'm married to my best friend for almost 7 years. We're new to ttwd, but it works for us.

Firm & Loving Domestic Discipline - A blog about a real life couple in adult loving domestic discipline

Guide Me Gently "This is our Journey, Its not easy when your used to getting your way and someone says "NO MORE. 

Handful of Honey - We want more and have decided to start this new journey of DD together.

Her Desire, His Rules - Just an ordinary southern gal in a wonderful DD relationship with my loving husband!

Him, Me and Us - Just an explanation of me and him and how we are trying to carve out a path through our life including the use of DD to improve our marriage.

Hindsight Reflections - Reflections of a Surrendered Wife with Rosey Cheeks

His Devoted One Welcome to my journey . . .  Just another blog about a submissive girl. 

In My Husbands Hands --This is just my tale of finding happiness being Taken in Hand by the love of my life, my HoH.

Jack and Jill - married 22 years. We found a place about Domestic Discipline and are hoping this will make our sailing much smoother, calmer, happier and filled with more respect and love.

Journey of Love and Submission A road I am travelling of submission to my husband. Pull up a chair, I will put the jug on while you read about 'The Silence' and I in our new DD lifestyle.

My Contented Home - A home dedicated to harmony through scripture & domestic discipline.

My Love's beautiful lady - We have a great relationship, but we have recently decided to change our dynamic and incorporate domestic discipline. This is our tale

My Personal Thinking Spot - after years of marriage, DH and I decided to integrate something new into our marriage. We don't know yet how to define it: DD? TTWD? This is my spot to think, write about things I find interesting, describe successes and failures, and get and give advice.

Our Decidedly Different Journey - Our journey through life, marriage and DD

Our Journey with DD/ttwd - I have created this blog in order to share my experiences and thoughts in a domestic discipline loving relationship

Our New Beginning I'm not perfect, but with trust, respect, communication and a little discipline my husband and I are working towards being perfect for each other

Red Bottoms & TTWD - Married to her best friend. Trying to figure out ttwd, d/s, dd, being submissive

Roller Coaster Ride of Spanking & Submission - Just a girl interested in Domestic Discipline, spanking, and submission

Roz in his hands - I am a professional woman who is in a loving committed relationship with my man. We have recently embarked on a journey of domestic discipline and these are our stories of me being in his hands...

Rules to Love By - There is no secret formula – we learn and grow as we go. We live and love by OUR rules.

The DD Side of Things - The ins and outs of my journey with my husband into our Domestic Discipline Lifestyle!

The Taming of the Shrew -  A blog about dominance and submission, Domestic Discipline, and a loving marriage.

This Whole Thing - I introduced DD to my loving husband a few months ago and there is definitely an HoH in residence!

Thoughts on TTWD Just a guy trying to figure TTWD/DD all out while having fun

365 Days of Submitting to My Husband - This adult blog is an ongoing record of my challenge to submit to my husband for one year

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